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Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki preview new gaming comic 'Axcend'

What happens when video games become reality? And you donât get extra ârestarts?â Thatâs the concept behind Axcend , the new ongoing from Image Comics written, illustrated and...

Women Quietly Become a Force in Comic Book World

Since Clark Kent got his first desk job, comic books have been a male-dominated field. Be it the audience, the creators or the titles themselves, the numbers were downright...

New York Comic Con 2015: 10 Must-See Panels From the First Two Days

Batman, Iron Man, Archie and modern romance: highlights from the comics programming of the upcoming pop culture show.

New York Comic Con 2015: 10 Must-See Panels From the Final Two Days

Everything from digital self-publishing to pop culture's potential to address mental health issues is available at next week's pop culture show. read more

New York Comic Con: 20 must-see panels on everything from 'Star Wars' to 'The Walking Dead'

Start building your excitement for the new "Star Wars" movie with this rundown of all the cool new toys that you'll be able to use to build your collection.

AfterShock Comics Announces First Wave of Books

There's a new comic publisher in town and they have some big time creators on board.

Ta-Nehisi Coates to write Black Panther for Marvel

The New York Times reports that notable African-American writer and commentator Ta-Nehisi Coates — and African-American artist Brian Stelfreeze — will take the helm of Black...

Essential Comics for 10/7/15

Check out these comics this Wednesday.

Why Valiant Comics Are A Fantastic Alternative To Marvel And DC

Marvel and DC have a near-monopoly on superhero comics. They even have a joint copyright on the word “superhero.” But if you’re tired of the endless reboots, crossovers and...

Fall TV Preview: The 23 Most Anticipated New Shows

Get details on the fall season's most intriguing new shows, including the latest from the creators of Sons of Anarchy and Evil Dead, new shows based on Marvel and DC...