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Week one of DC's Convergence is for everyone who hated the New 52

The first full week of DC's Convergence event is here, and even though the first tie-in issues for it started last week, this is the point where the event starts being...

DC Entertainment Unlocks the Secrets of 'Convergence' Comic Book Event

DC's co-publisher explains what to expect from the reality-bending storyline launching next week.

DC's Convergence reboot starts today: Here's what you need to know

This summer, DC and Marvel are making big efforts to get new readers with fresh superhero stories of all genres. Because Convergence and Secret Wars are still...

Comic-Con International and Lionsgate to launch streaming video service

Comic-Con is on the move to a small screen near you. Lionsgate and Comic-Con International have announced a new subscription-based […]

Best Comics of the Month: March 2015

Find out what the staff of Comic Vine loved for the month of March!

Love Is In the Air for New Crowdfunded Comic Anthology 'Fresh Romance'

Editor and publisher Janelle Asselin talks about reviving the romance comic for a new audience.

Cavna: Kickstarter of the Week: New romance anthology aims to attract more women to comics

Veteran editor Janelle Asselin is turning to crowdfunding for her new anthology of romance comics -- a genre she says is too under-served.

Veteran Marvel and DC Editor Joins Start-Up Publisher AfterShock

Mike Marts, the man behind "Death of Wolverine," will serve as the company's Editor-in-Chief

DC Comics Is Giving Old Fans What They Want in the Weirdest Way

Superman back in his classic “red underwear” outfit. Barbara Gordon back in her Oracle identity and in a romance with Nightwing. Both Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain back...

DC Comics’ Big New Crossover Isn’t Off to a Great Start

So it’s here: the beginning of the latest installment in a long cycle of DC Universe publishing events. Unfortunately, the first issue of Convergence doesn’t hold up the...