DC Comics Announces New Series and Creators For June 2015 Books


There's some changes coming as DC tries to broaden their focus with 24 new titles.

DC Entertainment To Launch 24 New Comic Book Series in June


New series include 'Cyborg,' 'Black Canary' and a relaunched 'Constantine: The Hellblazer'

DC Entertainment Announces New Books, New Creators, Broader Focus for the DC Universe


This summer, DC Entertainment launches a bold new direction for the DC Universe that is even more inclusive and accessible to a wider group of readers as the publisher continues to...

DC Entertainment unveils major plans for its comic book universe


DC Comics are planning a massive change in direction for their roster of superhero titles this summer. In an attempt to diversify and appeal to a broader audience, the existing Ne...

DC Comics plans 24 new series, a focus on diversity


Ever since DC Comics announced Convergence , a line-wide crossover that will see all of its books go on hiatus for two months, the future of the DC Universe has been a pretty big...

Valiant Celebrates its 25th Anniversary This May with Some Huge Releases


New Releases for Free Comic Book Day and Beyond Coming This May

DC Comics is bringing an end to The New 52


Stay Connected. Follow Polygon Now! DC Comics is ending its New 52 imprint this June, the company announced via press release today. Starting June 3, the publishing line will...

Scribd adds comics to binge Netflix-style


On Tuesday morning, Scribdâa Netflix-esque subscription service for digital booksâannounced that it would be adding a new category to its offerings: comic books. Partnering with a...

DC Comics Is Officially Ending The New 52 - IGN News


"In this new era of storytelling, story will trump continuity."

DC Comics Announces Gay Superhero Will Have Ongoing Solo Series


For the first time, a gay male superhero will have his own ongoing solo series from a mainstream comic book publisher. read more