Comic-book heroes big earners for film studios

It is no secret that so-called "action figure tent-poles" - big-budget super-hero films that hold up a studio's yearly schedule - have become Hollywood's bread basket.

Image Expo: Warren Ellis, Kurt Busiek, Jeff Lemire conjure new titles

New highs, warthog wizards and a robot boy on the run figure into upcoming Image Comics titles from acclaimed writers […]

TV Review: DC Comics characters we'd invite to the 'Arrow'/'Flash' party

Warner Bros. didn’t make any announcements at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con regarding future DC Comics films , so who knows when we’ll get a Justice League movie.

Beyond Batman: Here’s What We Know About The 9 New DC Comics Movies

What can we guess about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe based on Warner Bros. announcing nine new release dates?

Why A Marvel/DC Movie Crossover Will Never Happen

It seems that superhero movie fans are just as interested in crossovers as the creators themselves - so why is it that they'll likely never happen?

Dynamite Entertainment's CEO on 10 Years of Explosive Comics

Nick Barrucci talks about launching the publisher behind "Flash Gordon," "Red Sonja" and "The Devilers," as well as the partnerships and relationships behind running a successful c...

Why Was Comic-Con So Stingy With Movie News? Here's the Deal

At Comic-Con, no news is not good news. Before this year's nerd prom I predicted a flurry of major movie announcements would come out of Hall H : new titles from Marvel and DC/Warn...

Bing Con to return bigger and better in 2014

SPRINGFIELD – Bing Con, the region’s pop culture convention, returns for its second year from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 23 in a new location, Asbury Hall of Trinity Methodist Church,...

Studios Take Marvel V. DC Fight Into 2020: Is It Stretching The Spandex Too Thin?

Warner Bros. may have moved its Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice away from Disney / Marvel ‘s May 6, 2016, threequel Captain America 3 , but the switch to March 25 was more bold...

Radical change to video games to target women

Comic book super hero Thor is getting a female lead and online game World of Warcraft may tone down the sexist outfits, as companies try to attract more women customers.