Making the most of spring bulbs

showtime: Iris, cyclamen, Galanthus nivalis and snowdrops all put on a show at this time of the year.

Gardening calendar: sow chillies and recycle hyacinths

Top ten gardening tasks to keep you busy in the week ahead

In pictures: early spring flowers to make the heart sing

A stunning crocus lawn has sprung up at Kew Gardens and snowdrops, cyclamen and aconites are providing gorgeous displays elsewhere

Snowdrop paradise: a collector's dream

Galanthophile John Sales discusses his passion for snowdrops and his days with the National Trust

Gardening gifts for mum

As spring arrives, so do new gardening tools, sundries, gadgets and seeds, which are timely additions to the wealth of possible presents to give your gardening mum on Mother's Day.

First drops of spring

Pencarrow, Cornwall The Georgian mansion and gardens don’t open for the season until March 1, but the estate, which lies between Bodmin and Wadebridge, offers a preview of its...

Gardening: Leahurst Nurseries’s mix of innovative and old school gardening is bearing fruit

As I drive out of London heading for the M3, around Hanworth the road passes a melancholy sight, a considerable range of greenhouses falling ever more to ruin. It must be one of...

Chinese New Year in L.V.: Dragon dances, parades, floral displays, feasts

Our valley-wide hotels all have dynamic dragon dances and traditional parades planned to mark the turning of the Chinese calendar for the Year of the Yang honoring goats, sheep and...

Fire at beauticians and 6 other news snippets you may have missed

FIREFIGHTERS were called to a beauticians in Tadcaster after a machine warming stones for hot stone massages caught fire.

Turkey's path to the past

Forested mountains rise steeply from the sea. There are bays of blue, tiny keyhole coves where fishermen in wooden boats shelter and the stone remains of ancient cities.