'Forcing The Spring' Tells One Chapter In Story Of Marriage Equality


The strategy of going to the Supreme Court to challenge Proposition 8 was controversial within the gay-rights movement. Now, Jo Becker's new book is proving to be controversial as...

Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan Blast NYT Jo Becker's Gay History Book: It's ‘Bullsh-t’


Jo Becker's new high-profile book chronicling the marriage-equality movement, “Forcing the Spring,” is getting vitriolic reviews from some of the most influential LGBT writers in t...

The Campaign Against Mozilla's Brendan Eich


You know we’ve come a long way in a short time when a C.E.O. can be forced to resign for holding the view that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry.

The NSA has become a law unto itself | Andrew Sullivan


Obama failed to dismantle the apparatus set up by Bush in 2002 – but the agency has now overstepped the mark Readers know I cannot quite summon up the ability to be shocked,...

Andrew Sullivan Blows Colbert’s Mind with Defense of Brendan Eich


Stephen Colbert finally got around to covering the Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resignation story last night, and to help him understand what happened -- and how the gay community is...

Journalist Criticizes Rise of Sponsored Content in Media


Speaking before a crowded room in Harvard Law School’s Austin Hall, online journalist Andrew Sullivan discussed how the rise of sponsored content in journalism has begun to erode t...

After Eich resigns, conservatives slam Mozilla—and call for boycott


"If that attitude spreads, it will damage our society. "

Israel and Russia are getting along. Have the neocons noticed?


Russia and Israel seem to have a growing affinity for each other. A few weeks ago, Israel abstained from a vote in the U.N. censuring Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. A senior...

Can a little-known blogger turn his site into a business by selling memberships? Ben Thompson is sure going to try


Technology analyst Ben Thompson has quit his job and is trying to turn his blog into a business by launching a freemium membership model, which gives readers access to extra...

Page and Perspective: A Race With Wall Street


Michael Lewis' latest book, "Flash Boys," manages to turn a pretty complex topic into a nonfiction page-turner. [ more › ]