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    1. Jerusalem: Al-Qaeda’s weekly magazine has finally revealed how  9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden got his inspiration to drive planes into New York’s World Trade Center, an act that killed almost 3000 innocent people.In an article titled 'September 11 attacks &....

    2. Latest Local News

      Stoney Creek NewsFeb 04 11:44 AM

      The Afghan militant group that sheltered Osama bin Laden before the Sept....

    3. He made the comments during his final State of the Union address on Tuesday.

    4. A classified photo of Osama bin Laden's corpse was allegedly in the possession of a former Navy SEAL involved in the 2011 operation to kill the al Qaeda founder, reported the Intercept on Tuesday. Matthew Bissonnette, who wrote a best-selling book about the mission, is under investigation for unlawfully retaining the unauthorized material.

    5. Kanye West is a family man

      Hamilton SpectatorFeb 04 11:07 AM

      Kanye West lashed out at Wiz Khalifa on Twitter because he is a "family man" who wanted to defend his wife Kim Kardashian West.

    6. Depending on who you ask, whether or not the President nailed his final State of the Union address is a toss up. But nearly The post Flotus Closet: 34 Times Michelle Obama Killed The Style Game appeared first on xoNECOLE .

    7. It is not clear whether Khadr, who has publicly praised Osama bin Laden and yearned for her own martyrdom, has been arrested or charged

    8. Drug exec takes the Fifth on Capitol Hill, angers lawmakers

      Kitchener - Waterloo RecordFeb 04 06:02 PM

      Infuriating members of Congress, a smirking Martin Shkreli took the Fifth at a Capitol Hill hearing when asked about his jacking up of drug prices, then promptly went on Twitter and insulted his questioners as “imbeciles.”

    9. As his wife and son slept, he heard the whir and chop of rotor blades above the two-story house where they lived. Strange, he thought, for an aircraft to be flying so low over a residential area at this hour. He checked the time: it was well past midnight.

    10. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted a panel discussion called "Technology in the Hands of Haters: Fueling Extremism in a Wired World" on Tuesday night with officials from Facebook and Stanford Law School.

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