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    1. Investigators are focusing on the factory as a black-market source for North Korea, a new report and classified intelligence assessments say. The studies may solve the mystery of how North Korea ...

    2. Civil danger warning was human error, says homeland security office, as Kim Jong-un keeps up pressure with maps showing missile route to Pacific island

    3. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been briefed on a plan to fire missiles towards the US territory of Guam, home to US air and naval bases, Pyongyang's state media said early on Tuesday morning.

    4. Iryna Herashchenko (Ukraine) 1.89 10. Sofie Skoog (Sweden) 1.89 11. Alessia Trost (Italy) 1.89 12. Nadiya Dusanova (Uzbekistan) 1.85 12. Alyxandria Treasure (Canada) 1.85 14. Liz ...

    5. Speaking after a car hit a crowd of anti-fascist protesters, killing one, Mr Obama chose to quote iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela.

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    10. Oksana Okuneva (Ukraine) 1.89 21. Marija Vukovic (Montenegro) 1.85 21. Erika Kinsey (Sweden) 1.85 21. Nadiya Dusanova (Uzbekistan) 1.85 21. Alyxandria Treasure (Canada) 1.85 25 ...

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