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  1. Glamping in Ellijay

    WSMV Nashville2 days ago

    About 90 minutes southeast of central city Chattanooga, in the foothills of the Chattahoochee National Forest, sits a unique “glamp-ground” called Elatse’yi. "It's actually a Cherokee term,” ...

  2. Retirement communities in the Appalachian Mountains are teeming with new retirees, most of them drawn north from Florida in search of less traffic, cheaper home prices and a laid-back lifestyle.

  3. On Monday, May 14, Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston appeared before the Georgia House of Representatives Study Committee on School Security.

  4. Georgia Aquaponic Produce brought an aquaponic model for the students to learn how fish provide the nutrients needed to grow healthy plants.

  5. Our Software-as-a-Service subscription revenue from Espial's Elevate SaaS video platform for the quarter was $1.2 million, a 13% sequential quarterly increase from Q4 2017. First quarter adjusted ...

  6. Murray County Schools has agreed to a settlement with former superintendent Eric McFee, according to a school system spokesman. In a statement, Mike Tuck, Murray County Schools in-house legal ...

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