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    1. QAANAAQ, northwestern Greenland - Greenland has been rapidly warming, the thick ice sheets that cover its land sharply decreasing along with its glaciers and sea ice. Greenland is a territory of Denmark, and is drawing attention as a front line of the serious impact of global warming ahead of the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate...

    2. [Dropping Stock] GREENLAND HK (00337)'s price noticeably dropped 12.332% at 11:58a.m . Its ...

    3. Greenland, one of the most remote and harsh countries in the world, is changing fast.  The consequences of global warming on the country's glaciers are quite obvious , but what's harder to see is how Greenland's culture is evolving as the Arctic country quickly modernizes.  The native Inuit account for roughly 88% of Greenland's population  and they have a strong sense of pride in their heritage...

    4. Greenland Experiences Sudden Onset of Melt Season

      Scientific AmericanJul 07 01:19 PM

      Two maps show Greenland's sudden, rapid meltdown -- Read more on

    5. Ship and planes will probe water–ice interface in fjords.

    6. Chinese property giant Greenland Group says it will keep bidding for major Queensland construction projects, despite hints that probity issues may have derailed its Brisbane casino bid.

    7. Greenland Holding Group and CICC entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing and both ...

    8. As brutal heat grips parts of Europe, Asia, North America and South America, another place is also experiencing a spike in temperatures — one that you may not have heard about. It's happening in Greenland, and high temperatures there over the past two weeks have caused a sudden jump in melting at the surface of the vast ice sheet (seen in that great expanse of white in the satellite image above...

    9. A new study found that Greenland temperatures fell from the 1970s through the early 1990s while temperatures across much of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere rose. This map shows the average difference in surface temperatures between 1920-1940 and 1975-1995.

    10. Smoke from B.C. wildfires in skies over Greenland

      CBC via Yahoo Canada NewsJul 25 02:32 PM

      Jason Box is the head of the Dark Snow Project and a research scientist with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. "We know from our field measurements that even small increases in concentrations of black carbon soot from wildfires has a significant heating effect, so it brings the melt onset earlier and as melting occurs on snow those dark particles concentrate on the surface and the...

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