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    1. The history of Greenland's snowfall is chronicled in an unlikely place: the remains of aquatic plants that died long ago, collecting at the bottom of lakes in horizontal layers that document the passing years. Using this ancient record, scientists have determined that snowfall at one key location in western Greenland may have intensified from 6,000 to 4,000 years ago, a period when the planet's...

    2. The Arctic will "go through hell this year," says one prominent scientist | Note: This story was updated on 5/16/2016 at 7 p.m. EDT with comments from Ted Scambos of the National Sea and Ice Data Center. | On April 11, a dramatic early spike in melting of snow and ice at the surface of Greenland's ice sheet prompted a Danish climate scientist to say that she and her colleagues were "incredulous...

    3. Greenland Holding Group Co.’s dollar bonds fell to the lowest in more than seven weeks after S&P Global Ratings cut its rating on the Chinese property developer to junk last week.

    4. Can scientists hear Greenland's ice sheets melting?

      The Christian Science MonitorMay 07 11:19 AM

      A new study of Greenland's ice sheet suggests researchers can monitor ice sheet melt 24/7 by listening to movement in the Earth's crust.

    5. [Rising Stock] GREENLAND RD (01365)'s price went up 6% at 02:19p.m . Its last price is HK$3...

    6. Much about the planet's future will depend on processes that humans today cannot directly observe - because they are occurring hundreds of miles below the sea surface where enormous marine glaciers, in Greenland and Antarctica, simultaneously touch the ocean and the seafloor.

    7. University at Buffalo researcher Elizabeth Thomas holds half of a sediment core collected from the lake in western Greenland where the study was sited. Such sediment cores contain aquatic leaf waxes that reveal information about the history of precipitation at a site. Image courtesy Douglas Levere.

    8. Students from Nunavut will soon be able to take college classes in Greenland, as officials from Nunavut's Arctic College and Clyde River's Piqqusilirivvik school organize an exchange of programs and classes across the two Inuit regions. "These are two distinctive regions where Inuktitut is the predominant language, so students won't be just learning the trades but also the culture," said Paul ...

    9. Water from Greenland’s top is melting its bottom. This is not good news.

    10. Scientists said they are seeing more weather patterns that hold stable, warm air over Greenland and attribute the change to a loss of sea ice fueled by climate change.

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