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    1. Although Isabella Rossellini has had a remarkable career as a model, actor, writer and director, it has always been hard to see her without recalling that she's the daughter of the great 1940s Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, immortalized in classics like Casablanca and Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious. Upon first meeting Rossellini, director David Lynch—whom Rossellini would go on to date—infamously...

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      The ReporterSep 10 06:06 PM

      After a freak accident involving an icy pond and a bolt of lightning, 29-year-old Adaline Bowman (radiant Blake Lively) instantly stops aging. For eight decades, she avoids relationships, and never reveals her secret to anyone but her beloved daughter (Ellen Burstyn). But when she falls in love with a philanthropist (Michiel Huisman), and spends a weekend getting to know his parents (Harrison ...

    3. Thursday The 1st

      The Moscow TimesSep 30 04:18 PM

      Faryatyev's Fantasies (Fantazii Faryatyeva): Vera Kamyshnikova directs Alla Sokolova's melodrama. Fomenko Workshop Theater. 7 p.m. Formalin: Sergei Golomazov stages Anatoly Korolyov's detective-like memory play about a kidnapping and the killing of a dog. Theater Na Maloi Bronnoi. 7 p.m.

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