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    1. Plus: Drew Barrymore gushes about her new "easy drinking" wine, says it won't make drinkers "feel like crap the next day"

    2. Maya Rudolph and Martin Short helped Jimmy Fallon spoof â80s cop shows on The Tonight Show with Windy City Blue , a fake series they joked was really a âgritty cop show set in Chicagoâ they shot back in the day. The trio featured as toll booth cops who were constantly deterred by...

    3. TV personality Jimmy Fallon has never cracked the code on how to style his hair.

    4. Andy Samberg had a fun gift for Jimmy Fallon when he appeared on Monday's "Tonight Show." He...

    5. Jimmy Fallon does his take on ‘Hamilton’

      Washington PostMay 16 12:25 PM

      Jimmy Fallon donned a period costume Monday for a “Hamilton” takeoff at NBC’s annual presentation of next season’s schedule.

    6. Jimmy Fallon confessed his secret love for obscure German TV shows by showing an...interesting...clip from BONK!, a show dedicated to morphing pictures of celebrities. The show features host, Fritz Vanderbonk — who bears a striking resemblance to Fallon — "bonking" famous people such as Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Steve Harvey, Justin Bieber, and more, including our Presidential ...

    7. Jimmy Fallon has a ton of entertaining games for celebs to play on The Tonight Show… but some of these segments can feel a little lazy! The last time Penélope Cruz stopped by the NBC show back in February, she and Jimmy recorded a cute Frozen Dubsmash together. And despite the segment leaving more to be desired [...]

    8. Jimmy Fallon welcomed U.S. troops to "The Tonight Show" with a country duet featuring Adam Sandler.

    9. If thereâs one thing Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon share, itâs a talent for parody songs. Fallon, of course, has perfected the art of impersonating musical legends like Neil Young, and âThe Chanukah Songâ counts among Sandlerâs very best work. So when Sandler stopped by The Tonight Show on...

    10. Seth Rogen, Jimmy Fallon Perform Kid Jokes as Stand-Up Acts

      The Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo! NewsMay 19 09:00 PM

      "Where does the president keep his armies? In his sleevies."

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