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    1. Aside from the anguish over â 15-year-old spoiler alert! â Xenaâs death in the series finale, one of the biggest questions that came out of Xena: Warrior Princess is why the titular hero (Lucy Lawless) and her bard Gabrielle (Renee OâConnor) never become a couple. As...

    2. Timothy Spall , who won the Cannes Film Festival’s best actor award two years ago for Mr Turner , has been set to star in The Changeover , a supernatural thriller based on the bestselling YA novel by New Zealand author Margaret Mahy. Melanie Lynskey, Charlie Heaton and Lucy Lawless have also boarded the project, which will go before buyers at the upcoming Cannes market via Radiant Films ...

    3. Post-earthquake Christchurch is earmarked to provide the backdrop for a film starring British actor Timothy Spall and New Zealand's Melanie Lynskey.

    4. Spall appeared in the “Harry Potter” films along with “The King’s Speech” and “Sweeney Todd.”

    5. Is Donald Trump killing his hotel business?

      Daily TelegraphMay 20 06:56 AM

      It’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember that Donald Trump was in fact of woman born in the 1940s and has since enjoyed a full life of love, laughter and gainful employment, and wasn't, as some seem to presume, sent to us in 69-year-old, savannah-haired form by Kang and Kodos to bring the planet Earth to its knees.

    6. The Bachelor NZ quickly went from stale to scandalous this week, after a whirlwind 72 hours - and now it's back to work.

    7. If you can gauge success by smiles, this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was an unmitigated triumph.

    8. Bridget McManus May 15, 2016, 12:15 a.m. Like banana skins and cream pies, catfights have long been an entertainment staple. Even Shakespeare was not above employing the device between his female love rivals in A Midsummer Night's Dream . There's just something about two members of the fairer sex scrapping that makes people gasp and laugh.

    9. Darwyn Cooke , award-winning comic book writer & artist behind DC Comics ’ acclaimed DC: New Frontier miniseries as well as an animator who worked on several Warner Bros /D.C. projects, died today following a battle with cancer. He was 53. His death came less than 24 hours after his family announced that he was ill on his blog. “We regret to inform you that Darwyn lost his battle with cancer ...

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