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    1. Kid Cudi stopped by the Talkhouse's film podcast to ask Paul Reubens (the mastermind behind Pee-wee Herman) some questions about his new Netflix movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday . Cudi grew up a big fan of "Pee-wee's Playhouse" and first met Reubens five years ago when he was filming "How to Make It in America." He talks about how that chance meeting helped him adapt to fame. "I was definitely in a ...

    2. Kid Cudi 's artistic ambitions have cycled him through rap, through modeling, through psych-rock, through acting, and now, through TV scriptwriting. Kid Cudi stopped by Talkhouse's Film Podcast to talk to Paul Reubens, who's known as Pee-Wee Herman. Cudi, a longtime fan of Reubens, talked about a number of topics, including their first meeting at HBO's How to Make …

    3. Grace goes full Cinderella

    4. Judd Apatow thinks there's always a need for more Pee-wee Herman movies. The star acts as producer on Pee-wee's Big Holiday, the latest in a long string of TV shows and films based on the fictional childlike character.

    5. Grace originally plans to throw Oswald out into the street, but instead decides to go full Cinderella and employ her stepson as the new family servant. Oswald, thanks to his Arkham brainwashing, is more than grateful to take the new position rather than be homeless, but the Van Dahls seem to forget that the help often have the closest look at a family's dirty laundry. Crave scoop on your ...

    6. Gotham: The Truth Shall Set Penguin Free

      seattlepi.comApr 11 07:21 PM

      Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) broke through Hugo Strange's (BD Wong) brainwashing on Monday night's Gotham in spectacular, horrifying fashion. Once Oswald discovered that it was Grace (Melinda Clarke) who poisoned his father Elijah (Paul Reubens), his sense of reform and "sanity" disappeared and all bets were off. The Penguin served Grace her two children as a roast dinner before stabbing...

    7. be a "ruthless animal"

    8. The 37-year-old funnyman, who has landed Daytime and Primetime Emmy noms, dispels the notion that he's an overnight sensation and dishes on the "love-hate relationship" with celebrity culture that's at the center of his work as a comic and an actor.

    9. Four-year-old changes interests all the time

      Rocky Mount TelegramMay 01 10:12 AM

      “Grandma, can I play with your iPad?” My 4-year-old grandson had come for an afternoon visit, and as tempted as I was to hand over this easy entertainment, I didn’t.

    10. CGI to replace Pee Wee Herman, Basset Hounds

      The Huffington PostApr 12 09:48 AM

      Greetings from the “Third Wave” of the Internet as we’re calling it here at AOL. ICYMI: Wave 1 - was getting people online (think: You’ve Got Mail). Wave 2 - getting people addicted to being online (think: Facebook and Twitter) The “Third Wave” is integrating the Internet into all aspects of our lives, especially health care. Here’s how AOL co-founder, Tim Case describes “The Third Wave” : We ...

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