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    1. The actor was photographed while filming "Pee-Wee's Big Holiday" in downtown Manhattan.

    2. Video games that, like 'Myst,' inspired TV series

      AFP Relax News via Yahoo! NewsMay 06 08:56 AM

      Classic mystery adventure "Myst," having been picked up by Hulu in a deal with Legendary Pictures' TV arm, joins a cohort of episodic series with video game origins. Unusual family sitcom "Maniac Mansion" took its title from a highly rated video game -- an acclaimed LucasArts point & click adventure -- though it ended up making significant departures in the transition to TV. A cult success as a...

    3. If you're fired up for Pee-wee Herman's return, you're probably NOT his stunt double -- who spent an entire day getting hoisted into the air and dropped into a lake like a sack of wet cement. "Pee-wee’s Big…

    4. Director Tim Burton was rushed to A&E (Accident and Emergency services) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, following an accident on the set of his latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars. Burton was filming in Blackpool, a northern England seaside town, when the accident occurred. Proving that Tim’s injury wasn’t serious, Metro reported that a Burton Tim Burton Rushed To Hospital Following...

    5. When a movie genre begins to feel stale, one way to freshen it up is to acknowledge the staleness by becoming self-referential. Several of this week’s movies do that: One brings a minor character from an earlier movie up to the lead role, another re-imagines a mystery from long ago. There’s a fictitious remake with a real star, a fictitious sequel with real stars, and an adaptation of a TV ...

    6. "Mad Men" -- later and Jon Hamm is a Hollywood heavyweight, household name, and a bemused sex symbol. He can make us laugh, make us cry, make mid-day office drinking look oh-so-good, and he can rock a suit and tie with the best of them.

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