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    1. Forbes has revealed that Robert Downey Jr. is currently the 8th highest paid celebrity in the world, with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War nearly amounting to a jaw-dropping nine-figure salary. Forbes has revealed that Robert Downey Jr. is being paid $80 million dollars for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain […] The post Robert Downey Jr.’s enormous 2015 salary ...

    2. A movie where dinosaurs meet superheroes? We're in. Chris Pratt plays raptor whisperer extraordinaire in the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, which prompted the...

    3. Once again Robert Downey Jr. is the highest paid actor in the world. But that's not really news. He's topped Forbes' list for the past two years for his work as Marvel's flagship superhero, after all. The big news is just HOW MUCH the star is now commanding! [ Related: Katy Perry Is The Top Musician On Forbes' [...]

    4. Robert Downey Jr. will make a whopping $80 million from Marvel this year thanks to his role as Iron Man in Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

    5. Getty Remember the raptor meme that was going around after Jurassic World dino-stomped every box office record ? Well, now Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt are getting in on the action. RDJ posted a photo to his Twitter account of Pratt’s Jurassic World character facing off against the Avengers trio of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. This might get out of hand, @prattprattpratt ... pic ...

    6. What'sonTVFri

      Brisbane TimesJul 05 10:57 PM

      We have Robert Downey Jr to thank for Hollywood's current golden age. Or, alternatively, we have Robert Downey Jr to blame for Hollywood's current malaise.

    7. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt had a perfect interaction on Twitter Monday.

    8. Robert Downey Jr. is developing a live-action remake of Disneyâs Pinocchio , and has asked longtime friend, director Paul Thomas Anderson to step in as screenwriter. As originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Downey has been developing the project for Warner Bros. and has asked...

    9. Maybe the Avengers need to call in Star-Lord to mediate the upcoming Iron Man/Captain America feud in Captain America: Civil War . Robert Downey Jr. posted a photo on Twitter of Chris Prattâs Jurassic World  character using his raptor-wrangling skills on Thor, Iron Man, and Captain...

    10. There Will Be Blood director to take on script while Downey will play Gepetto

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