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    1. Robert Downey Jr. developing presidential debate movie

      Entertainment WeeklyJul 20 03:34 PM

      Robert Downey Jr. has always had a way with words, and now his production company is developing a film about a presidential race that comes down to three key debates. Team Downey, which the Iron Man star runs with his producer wife Susan Downey ( Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang ), is joining...

    2. What do "Pulp Fiction," "Napoleon Dynamite," "The Breakfast Club" and 277 other movies have in common with Bruno Mars? One epic sing-along. YouTube user DonDraperSaysWhat  decided to edit 280 movies together to the sound of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk." The video, which took three months to make, features everyone from Robert Downey Jr. and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Burt Reynolds and...

    3. Wow! Can you believe that Weird Science is 30 years old?? The John Hughes comedy fantasy classic came out on August 2, 1985. And while the rest of the film — about teens who use their computer to create a super-powered woman — is pretty dated, one thing really stood the test of time: Robert Downey [...]

    4. The Iron Man actor made this food truck crew's day in the best way ever

    5. Forbes has revealed that Robert Downey Jr. is currently the 8th highest paid celebrity in the world, with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War nearly amounting to a jaw-dropping nine-figure salary. Forbes has revealed that Robert Downey Jr. is being paid $80 million dollars for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain […] The post Robert Downey Jr.’s enormous 2015 salary ...

    6. IronMan star Robert Downey Jr gave food truck workers the surprise of their lives by suddenly dropping on them to fetch some delicious food.

    7. He's just doing his duties… as a hungry human! Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr. stopped by a food truck in Georgia for a tasty treat, and completely caught the crew off-guard! [ Related: RDJ Made HOW MUCH For Avengers 2 & Captain America 3? ] Blaxican food truck owner Will Turner told People he couldn't believe who [...]

    8. A mash-up which consists of dialogues from Manjhi -- The Mountain Man and scenes from Iron Man is the internet's must-watch

    9. Robert Downey Jr. is filming “Captain America: Civil War” in Atlanta. In a recent leaked photo, the actor was seen with bruises on his face. The photo was tweeted by Blaxican Food Truck, where Downey was seen dressed in a black T-shirt. He can be seen posing with the employees of Blaxican and appears to have red scars on his forehead, cheeks and a bruised eye. He reportedly came to the food ...

    10. What'sonTVFri

      Brisbane TimesJul 05 10:57 PM

      We have Robert Downey Jr to thank for Hollywood's current golden age. Or, alternatively, we have Robert Downey Jr to blame for Hollywood's current malaise.

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