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    1. Tommy Lee Jones may soon be reprising his role as U.S. federal marshal Samuel Gerard in a possible remake of the 1993 hit film The Fugitive. AceShowBiz is reporting that a new take on the action movie, which starred Jones and Harrison Ford, is in the works at Warner Brothers. According to the news site, Tommy Lee Jones: ‘The Fugitive’ Getting A Remake By Warner Brothers is an article from: The...

    2. Warner Bros greenlights new 'Fugitive' film

      AFP Relax News via Yahoo! NewsMay 13 09:48 AM

      A first film adaptation starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones grossed $369m and won four Oscar nominations.

    3. Many of this week’s movies deal with movement, starting with the difficult journey eastward by horse and wagon in Tommy Lee Jones’s The Homesman, while other films include swashbuckling, flying, and dancing. Some filmmakers tackle inner struggles, ranging from an amateur detective watching horrors unfold from a closet hiding place ( Blue Velvet ), to a soldier struggling with the decision to ...

    4. It's not known yet whether Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones will be returning

    5. Warner Brothers recently confirmed that it is developing a new installment to the 1993 movie "The Fugitive," the Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones starrer about a surgeon who was running from the law after being falsely accused with his wife's murder. The feature film was one of the studio's biggest hits in the 1990s, grossing $369 million worldwide.

    6. The 1993 action movie starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are being reworked with the original producers on board.

    7. Everyone is talking about the next Indiana Jones and Blade Runner, but there's another Harrison Ford franchise coming back to the big screen! The Fugitive! It's not clear if this will be a full-on reboot or a sequel — or if Ford or Tommy Lee Jones will return — but Warner Bros has confirmed some version of [...]

    8. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones made a compelling pair of leads in the 1993 film The Fugitive, the story of a federal marshall (played by Jones) chasing a man, Dr. Richard Kimble (Ford), who's been wrongly convicted of murdering his wife

    9. Dr. Richard Kimble will try to clear his name one more time on the big screen. Warner Bros. has hired Christina Hodson to write a new script for The Fugitive, the famous TV series turned blockbuster Oscar-winning film starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. The studio wants to have the film in production early next year. Read more […] The post ‘The Fugitive’ Will Return to the Big Screen ...

    10. The Fugitive is getting a new sequel

      BreakingNews.ieMay 13 03:41 AM

      A new follow-up to The Fugitive, has been given the greenlight by Warner Brothers. It's unknown if Harrison Ford or Tommy Lee Jones will return.

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