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    1. Dan Rather’s Big Lie hits the big screen

      New York PostOct 12 05:24 PM

      There are many things that real people do to become the subject of sympathetic movies. Make a flawless emergency landing in the Hudson River with a disabled jet full of...

    2. The iconic newsman, now 83, hasn't stepped foot inside CBS in nearly 10 years. But he still has plenty to report about politics (Trump), network news ("I'm glad Brian Williams is back") and seeing his biggest mistake on the big screen. "It's astounding how little truth there is in 'Truth,'" counters CBS.

    3. "This movie has no dragons or robots or sex," Dan Rather proudly stated about the upcoming drama "Truth," "but my hope is that it will broaden a new conversation. I want it to spark up a new, broader discussion about the importance of the free, independent and necessary press as part of the red beating heart of democracy and freedom." READ MORE: 'Truth' Director James Vanderbilt on Why Cate ...

    4. Rather, who is played by Robert Redford in the film, says he has no regrets about the $70 million lawsuit he filed against CBS News after his departure

    5. 'Truth' investigates TV-news missteps

      The Glendale News-PressOct 12 03:01 PM

      Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes and Robert Redford as Dan Rather in the new film, "Truth."

    6. The classic definition of chutzpah — the guy who murders his parents and then begs for mercy because he’s an orphan — is getting a rewrite with the Oct. 16...

    7. Dan Rather helped film about CBS scandal

      New York PostOct 08 06:16 PM

      Director James Vanderbilt said Rather was "wonderful" regrding “Truth,” about the story that led to the newsman resigning from CBS.

    8. Robert Redford appeared at a forum sponsored by the New York Times on Thursday evening in New York City talking about a new film in which he stars called "Truth". The movie is about an incident that occurred during the presidential election of 2004 when CBS anchorman Dan Rather narrated a 60 Minutes story charging that in the early 1970s President George W. Bush had skipped out of his duties to...

    9. Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett have lead roles in the feature film "Truth." Neither was present at the movie's world premiere Saturday evening at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the event did not lack for star power. The main attraction was television journalist Dan Rather, who...

    10. Dan Rather says the film is "very accurate" after its premiere at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival

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