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    1. Following a rough week, Jeb Bush on Wednesday tried to aim the spotlight away from the decision to go into Iraq and focused it instead on President Barack Obama, sharply criticizing his decision to pull U.S. forces out of the country.

    2. New 49ers running back Bush ready to prove himself again

      The Associated Press via Yahoo! SportsMay 21 06:56 PM

      Reggie Bush wants to return punts again, and he brought up the idea to the San Francisco 49ers when he joined the team as a free agent this spring. ''It's amazing how time flies,'' Bush said after a practice in which he was easy to spot given his bright orange shoes. Bush said joining the 49ers ''just felt right,'' and that's why he wants to do everything he can to be on the field even if it ...

    3. By Steve Holland CONCORD, N.H. (Reuters) - Republican Jeb Bush, looking for more ways to draw a contrast with his older brother, criticized former President George W. Bush on Thursday for permitting too much federal government spending. After spending a week on the defensive for first saying he would have launched an invasion of Iraq just as his brother did, and then reversing course and ...

    4. Bush faults Obama about Iraq, stops short on more troops

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 20 01:17 PM

      PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — Jeb Bush sharply criticized President Barack Obama on Tuesday for withdrawing troops from Iraq, but he declined to say whether he would order additional ground forces into the country to repel Islamic State militants.

    5. Jeb Bush shifts style, critiques brother's budget management

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 21 05:27 PM

      CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Only a few days after saying he wouldn't "go out of my way" to point out what he saw as mistakes made by his brother, Jeb Bush did just that Thursday, criticizing former President George W. Bush's record on the federal budget.

    6. After months of relentlessly raising money to support his likely campaign for president, and unquestionably his roughest week in politics this year, Jeb Bush is spending more time talking about himself.

    7. A Family Comparison Jeb Bush May Welcome

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceMay 21 02:50 AM

      As Jeb Bush tries to turn the page on Iraq, he’ll be inviting comparisons to another chapter of the family’s foreign policy legacy when he kicks off an overseas tour next month. Bush’s aides have described the weeklong foreign trip in economic terms, saying the former Florida governor and probable Republican presidential candidate planned to discuss innovation and technology in the global ...

    8. By Steve Holland SALEM, N.H. (Reuters) - Republican Jeb Bush rejected on Thursday what he called an arrogant view that anyone who questions how much climate change is a result of human activity is considered "Neanderthal." Bush, answering questions from reporters after an event in Salem, New Hampshire, defended remarks he made a day earlier in which he said scientific research does not clearly ...

    9. Jeb Bush hit back against President Obama's claim that climate change runs an immediate risk, saying Wednesday that while it shouldn't be ignored, it's still not "the highest priority."

    10. Jeb Bush moves to get past his recent troubles over his position on the Iraq war, this time by attacking President Obama for withdrawing forces too quickly.

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