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  1. Baltimore City Council member Rochelle "Rikki" Spector is calling on the Rawlings-Blake administration to use revenue from the planned revival of the city's speed and red light camera system for school crossing guards. "The cameras are supposed to be for safety around schools," Spector said. "What...

  2. Spector, Penwell win 10k races - Davis, Tyler top 5k runs.

  3. At 126 years old, Spector Furniture & Home Décor needs to work hard to stay current. Still, major overhauls don’t happen often. “It’s been quite a while since we had a major remodel like this,” said Debbie Crowther , who has been office manager for 30 years.

  4. Adam K. Spector, DPM, featured in Chesapeake Physician Magazine (PRWeb February 05, 2016) Read the full story at

  5. Jordan Spector found a passion in art alongside his work in physical therapy. The post After injury, alumnus rekindles passion for art appeared first on The Temple News .

    The Art of Jordan Spector - The Temple News

  6. One of the nation’s top oncologists, Dr. Spector struggled with long undiagnosed Lyme disease that left his heart so badly damaged he needed a heart transplant. He has joined GLA’s SAB because “this is an organization that is passionate about changing the lives of those suffering with Lyme disease and co-infections.” (PRWeb January 27, 2016) Read the full story at ...

  7. Fischli and Weiss brew their alchemy in New York

    The Art NewspaperFeb 05 08:01 AM

    Peter Fischli David Weiss: How to Work Better, which opens this month at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, is the first comprehensive survey in a New York museum of the Swiss duo, who worked together for 33 years before Weiss’s death in 2012. This exhibition, which entered planning stages before Weiss died, was organised by Nancy Spector and Nat Trotman, who worked closely with Fischli. The Art...

  8. She served at the Guggenheim Museum for almost 30 years, and says she thought she'd never leave

  9. This year's ceremony will be hosted by stage and screen actor and four-time Bistro winner Jason Graae . The evening will be directed by Shellen Lubin.

  10. Used for inspection of components and solder joints, ISO- Spector features immunity to vibrations from nearby placement machines. Front and rear, close to vertical, high-energy, violet lasers support inspection heights up to 1.2 in. Featuring full-profile, simultaneous, 2D and 3D inspection, touchscreen-operated system can inspect chip size of 008004. Image capturing sensor has 12 MP resolution...

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