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  1. Pair accused of stealing televisions

    WTAJ-TV Altoona4 days ago

    Police say they stole several TV's worth more than $2,500.

  2. Shawn Kirkpatrick is accused of smuggling drugs into the State Correctional Institution in Somerset over the past few months. No doubt about that," said Thomas Dickey, Kirkpatrick's defense ...

  3. Prison guard accused of smuggling drugs

    WTAJ-TV Altoona5 days ago

    A Somerset County Prison guard has been accused of teaming up with an Altoona drug dealer to smuggle narcotics into the prison he worked for. According to the Altoona Mirror, Shawn Kirkpatrick ...

  4. Leather runs in local bootmaker's blood

    WTAJ-TV Altoona4 days ago

    Unlike other 21-year-olds worried about finding a job after graduation, Mark Barbera is starting his own company and opening up a storefront in downtown Somerset Borough. "It's really exciting ...

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