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    1. A mechanical toy from a new exhibit at Eretz Israel Museum. Leonid Padrul The Dancing Machine 2 is an exhibit of mechanical toys and automata, which the spectators can operate by pressing a button.

    2. A guide to cultural and recreational events in Connecticut.

    3. A guide to cultural and recreational events in Connecticut.

    4. Clarice Lispector: Brazil's Virginia Woolf

      The Wall Street JournalAug 10 03:11 PM

      New translations of Clarice Lispector’s mid-20th-century work, most recently “The Complete Stories,” are sparking a broad appreciation of the Brazilian modernist’s writing.

    5. SNP MPS will not be “seduced by Westminster flummery” one of the new 2015 intake has promised.

    6. Return to the Discworld one more time in the late author's last novel, about young witch Tiffany Aching. Tiffany faced down the Queen of the Elves in her first adventure -- but now the queen is back.

    7. Francis Ford Coppola Wants You to Come on His Family Vacation

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceAug 14 05:30 AM

      It could be anytime between noon and four, and my stomach grumbles. I pad barefoot down the cool marble stairs and pop into the kitchen at the Palazzo Margherita , in southern Italy. I raid plates of cheese, ...

    8. Theater Listings for Aug. 28-Sept. 3

      New York TimesAug 27 04:13 PM

      A critical guide to productions in New York City, including shows in previews.

    9. Former Norwich South MP Simon Wright was one of many Liberal Democrats to lose their seats at the General Election. He talked to Annabelle Dickson about life after politics

    10. The movement towards the creation of an Australian Republic and that towards a new Australian flag are two entirely separate issues that shouldn't and can't be intertwined.

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