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  1. Is that Faith with Wash, or am I only dreaming? Whedonverse alums Eliza Dushku and Alan Tudyk are reuniting for Con Man , Tudykâs crowd-funded online series. Executive Producer PJ Haarsma took to Twitter to tease a photo of the Dollhouse duo back in action: On set today with the...

  2. The Saint is heading back to the big screen with movie moguls Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Robert Evans behind the latest take on Leslie Charteris' book series.

  3. Universal In 2001, a movie about cocky street racers made $200 million and became the hottest Summer blockbuster that year. The Fast and the Furious combined everything you might find in a beer commercial: hot cars, hot weather, and hot chicks and dudes. It was all packaged neatly within a movie that should've been seen...and forgotten. Furious , however, wasn't forgotten. Thanks chiefly to the...

  4. New Line's 'Secret' Adaptation Finds a Writer (Exclusive)

    The Hollywood ReporterMay 26 10:26 AM

    Guy Stodel and Jiwon Park of CJ Entertainment ('Snowpiercer') are producing the remake of the 2009 Korean crime thriller. read more

  5. There is good news coming out of this weekend's upcoming Comicpalooza for fans of FX's hit biker drama "Sons of Anarchy" that will make those who missed out on seeing one of its biggest stars last month at a competing convention very happy. 

  6. Teens And Tobacco Use

    Đại học Ngọai thương Cơ sở 2Jun 12 04:33 AM

    Self-stimulation is an unsocial habit, classic vintage pussy thumb may make normal sexual relations more difficult, but its chief danger lies in the sense of guilt and hand around rock hard cock porn wet photo so often accompany the practice.

  7. Sunday is Father’s Day. In honour of Dads everywhere, let’s celebrate those Fathers on the silver screen who take names and kick ass to protect their families.

  8. This is how it starts. The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness that turns good audiences into hysterical online gangs who threaten networks with online petitions. Yes, we're talking about the dreaded TV series cancellation.

  9. Bridget McManus May 15, 2016, 12:15 a.m. Like banana skins and cream pies, catfights have long been an entertainment staple. Even Shakespeare was not above employing the device between his female love rivals in A Midsummer Night's Dream . There's just something about two members of the fairer sex scrapping that makes people gasp and laugh.

  10. Simon Templar is heading back to the big screen The post A New The Saint Movie is in the Works at Paramount appeared first on .

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