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  1. Iranians are already adept at circumventing government regulations, though.

  2. It wasn't long ago when the question of what to do about Iran's nuclear program topped the foreign policy agenda in Washington and other world capitals. The matter receded after the nuclear agreement went into effect in January, but inescapable signs are emerging that Iran will return to the agenda under the next president.

  3. Iranian students given 99 lashes for mixed gender party

    Sydney Morning HeraldMay 27 05:54 PM

    More than 30 college students were arrested, interrogated and within 24 hours were each given 99 lashes for attending a graduation party that included men and women, Iran's judiciary has announced.

  4. Promotion of feminism was equated by Iran's Deputy of Women's Social and Cultural Council, with a call to murder of babies. This week Mehrangiz Rouhafza was quoted as saying: ";Those who promote feminism are advocating the cause of pro-abortion groups which in other words is a promotion of the deliberate murder of babies.";

  5. The wrong trousers?

    BBC NewsJun 10 09:03 AM

    The story of an Iranian goalkeeper suspended for, reportedly, wearing trousers with a motif similar to the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants highlights wider tensions at play, says BBC Persian's Marzieh Mashkoori

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    For then it may find out what it wants to know from some other child, or street companion — and in a way that is usually nasty, to say the least.

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