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    1. Iran’s annual summertime crackdown on Western-style fashions is already ramping up, and this year authorities have their sights set on what they describe as “homosexual,” “devil worshipping” fashion. While the Islamic Republic’s strict public dress code has in the past disproportionately targeted women, who are required to be covered from head to toe, men in Iran will also have to be careful ...

    2. Quirky Bans In Iran

      Payvand Iran NewsMay 06 08:24 AM

      Jagged hairstyles, body tattoos, solarium treatments, and the plucking of eyebrows for men are the latest fashion statements to be banned in Iran. But they are by no means the only things that can get a man in trouble. For years, Iranian authorities have occasionally cracked down on signs of Western influence, targeted ";un-Islamic behavior,"; and enforced strict dress codes. -Frud Bezhan, RFE

    3. Barbershops offering such services will have their licenses revoked, pledges the country's barbershop union head.

    4. Julie Bishop's decision to wear a head covering in Iran, even though she didn't need to, exposed a lack of moral courage.

    5. Under the hijab, porn is alive and kicking

      Haaretz DailyApr 30 07:07 AM

      Despite prudish mores and bans on public displays of affection, salacious clips abound on websites in Muslim countries. And there's a rising demand for porn actors who come from those societies.

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