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    1. Turkish Airlines has prohibited its flight attendants from wearing bright-colored red or pink lipstick as well as hair buns. They're also banned from wearing tattoos or wigs. The national carrier said it amended its dress code policy in response to “complaints submitted by passengers." In a statement, the airline said that flight attendants would now wear "simple makeup, immaculate and in pastel...

    2. Expressionless faces on one side — smiles, makeup and colourful individual styles on the other. That’s the idea behind a social media campaign that is encouraging Iranian youth to share photos of themselves alongside their official state ID cards. Many of the side-by-side photos in the #kartmelichallenge — the ID card challenge — show women in traditional, black headscarves in their ID card ...

    3. Iranian women who fail to wear the veil when driving will have their cars impounded for a week and are likely to be fined, police warned Sunday. If traffic police spot an unveiled woman driver or passenger, "their car will be taken to a police compound for a week", he said, according to the official IRNA news agency. The steps are part of a wider traffic police crackdown that could also see male...

    4. Iran: Playing Nice And Hoping For The Best

      Strategy PageOct 31 03:33 AM

      October 31, 2015: The Russian supported Syrian government forces went on the offensive in October and for a week or so seemed to make some progress. The Russian air strikes, guided by Syrian ground controllers, were accurate and allowed the Syrian/Lebanese/Iranian forces to advance.

    5. .:Middle East Online:::.

      Middle East OnlineNov 15 08:04 AM

      Iran women drivers receive warning from police: No veil, no car! About 10,000 motorists receive warnings, with 2,000 facing further action for breaking ‘social norms.’

    6. Sadaf Taherian posted images on her Facebook and Instagram accounts showing her without the Islamic headdress in protest at strict Iranian laws requiring women to wear them in public.

    7. Meet the young Iranians doing the 'ID card challenge'

    8. Dana Milbank: Is Netanyahu trolling Obama?

      U-T San DiegoNov 10 12:36 PM

      Israeli leader no help to U.S.-Israel relations

    9. Iaraeli leader, Obama forgo even the semblance of cordiality.

    10. Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't do regret.

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