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  1. Under Obama, the economic recovery has bypassed almost all Americans. They won’t stay silent for ever – and Bernie Sanders could be their inspiration To critique Barack Obama’s presidency is to be guilty of these cardinal sins: blasphemy, ingratitude and a lack of realism. What was once the nation of Jim Crow produced the first African-American president, the most liberal commander-in-chief ...

  2. “Evident victory!” This is how Iranian President Hassan Rouhani describes the diplomatic swindle, known as the “Iran nuclear deal.” The Koranic term (in Arabic Fatah al-Mobin) refers to one of Prophet Mohammed’s successful guerrilla raids on a Meccan caravan in the early days of Islam. Rouhani claims the “deal” represents “the greatest diplomatic victory in...

  3. The Strange Career of James Crow, Esquire

    The AtlanticFeb 04 03:10 AM

    After the Supreme Court razed the Voting Rights Act in 2013, Jim Crow came skulking back to the South.

  4. Does the National Prayer Breakfast promote bipartisanship?

    Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! NewsFeb 04 09:33 AM

    President Barack Obama is attending the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning, an annual event now entering its 64th year. He will deliver an address, as will other leaders from both sides of the aisle. Members of Congress also hold weekly prayer meetings, less well-publicized, attended by a broad mix of government figures. In an era dominated by perceptions of partisanship in the US halls...

  5. His romantic vision of America was once his greatest asset. But now it's holding Obama and his country back

  6. (This article is continued from Part 1 ) E. Obama's "Fix" Panning back for a wider perspective on the specific deceptions about money in politics contained in Obama's SOTU speech quoted above, one sees Obama displacing attention from this central issue of the 2016 campaign. He buries the issue in a broader context of the need to "fix our politics," one of the four broad issue areas his speech ...

  7. Does the National Prayer Breakfast promote bipartisanship? (+video)

    The Christian Science MonitorFeb 05 03:03 AM

    The National Prayer Breakfast offers the president and other leaders the chance to share from the heart. But does it rise above political divisions?

  8. How much control does a U.S. President have over his legacy?

  9. First and foremost, Ta-Nehisi Coates is a brilliant journalist and I agree with him on the case for reparations. Everyone should read his groundbreaking piece in The Atlantic titled The Case for Reparations . It highlights why the African American experience is unique in every way, from slavery and Jim Crow, to the Civil Rights era and today's lasting effects in the black community from such ...

  10. GOP candidates use every trick to slur Obama without using the word. Just tell us what you really feel, PC warriors

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