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    1. Hundreds of climbers and guides were thrust into the deadliest disaster ever on the world?s highest mountain.

    2. Shrinking Mount Everest: How to Measure a Mountain via Yahoo! NewsMay 04 04:19 AM

      The magnitude-7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday (April 25) may have caused the world's tallest mountain to shrink a bit. Official measures put Mount Everest at 29,029 feet (8,848 meters) above sea level, but recent satellite data suggest the sky-scraping peak may have shrunk by about 1 inch (2.54 centimeters), because the underlying tectonic plates have relaxed somewhat. Accurately ...

    3. A Fond du Lac hospice nurse climbing Mount Everest said Saturday he thought he was going to die when a powerful earthquake in Nepal set off an avalanche.

    4. JAMES Grieve arrived back at Edinburgh Airport yesterday a fortnight after his terrifying ordeal on the world's highest mountain and was met by his partner and one-year-old son.

    5. Mount Everest remains open to climbers, a senior official at Nepal's tourism department said today, despite avalanches after last month's devastating earthquake destroying much of the established rout...

    6. by Laura Dudnick When San Francisco resident Siobhan McFeeney began her second attempt at scaling Mount Everest last month, she was prepared for the first major challenge of the infamous climb: a giant glacier known as Khumbu Icefall. What McFeeney, 43, did not expect was that while in icefall, everything – except the ladder she and her fellow climbers clung to – would crumble and cave in around...

    7. Climbing to resume on Mount Everest by next week: official

      AFP Relax News via Yahoo! NewsApr 30 07:59 AM

      Climbing will resume on Mount Everest by next week despite an earthquake-triggered avalanche that left 18 people dead on the world's highest peak, a Nepalese government official said Thursday. Saturday's avalanche that ripped through base camp also destroyed ladders through the treacherous Khumbu icefall higher up the mountain, raising doubts about the future of this year's climbing season.

    8. Climbing firms call off Everest season after quake

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsMay 03 08:49 PM

      Mountaineering companies Sunday called off their spring expeditions to Mount Everest, marking the second year with virtually no summits after an quake-triggered avalanche killed 18 on the world's highest peak. The 7.8-magnitude quake left a trail of death and destruction when it erupted around midday on April 25, bringing down buildings in the capital Kathmandu and triggering an avalanche that ...

    9. SEPANG : Insurance coverage bought just before they left for Kathmandu, Nepal to climb Mount Everest has enabled the eight mountaineers from the Kembara Amal Association (PeKA) to make their travel arrangements to return safely home yesterday.

    10. Nepal, Before and After

      New York TimesMay 06 06:50 AM

      Confronting nature’s extremes on Mount Everest, before the quake, and in Nepal’s capital, the morning after.

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