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    1. Barney Frank would like to ban 'House of Cards'

      Los Angeles TimesApr 24 10:42 AM

      Former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank has never been one to keep his opinions to himself, and that absolutely extends to his thoughts on pop culture as well. So it's no surprise that he shared his thoughts on politically themed TV shows on "Conan" Thursday night. But his reaction to one series...

    2. The show reinforces negative misrepresentations about politics, he said.

    3. How Barney Frank used government to fight inequality

      The Online NewsHourApr 23 04:42 PM

      Watch Video | Listen to the Audio RELATED LINKS Exit Interview: Barney Frank Reflects on Successes, Regrets, Future Plans Barney Frank on Dysfunction in Congress: ‘Blame James Madison’ Barney Frank’s Plans for the Future GWEN IFILL: Next: a profile of a crusading voice on financial reform who also became a public figure in the debate over gay rights. It’s the story of former Congressman Barney ...

    4. Former Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank thinks the award-winning Netflix show “debases people’s view of politics.”

    5. The former congressman examines how he ever got anything done on Capitol Hill. (Hint: Humor.)

    6. Barney Frank: A Life in Politics

      NBC NEWSApr 05 09:48 AM

      Former Congressman Barney Frank on his time in politics and his advice for the nation's current elected officials.

    7. The show reinforces negative misrepresentations about politics, he said.

    8. Barney Frank, t he outspoken former Congressman and author of  " Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage ,   shared with us the most significant lessons he learned from his career in politics . Plus, his unexpected curriculum advice for students headed into public service. Produced by Alana Kakoyiannis & Alex Kuzoian. Additional camera by Jason Gaines. Follow BI ...

    9. Bankers should let financial regulations play out before decrying their effect on markets, former Rep. Barney Frank said.

    10. What started as a debate on the role of government in a civil society wound around to such topics as drugs and racism in a big-name political debate on the… Click to Continue »

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