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    1. Today, the Nashville Health Care Council hosted U.S. Senator Bill Frist, M.D., and Joseph Swedish, president and CEO, Anthem, Inc., for a conversation on the new dynamics for payer

    2. Health and environment are converging. Most people would still list exercise, diet, or access to affordable healthcare as the key determinant of health—and those are all important. But the most important factor is one that influences everything else: your zip code.

    3. During the Ebola epidemic this fall, I was reminded of the chaos and fear we felt in the Senate in 2001. When the first anthrax letter was opened in the office of Majority Leader Tom Daschle, no one really even understood what anthrax was, much less how it was contracted, transmitted, or the disease’s natural history. As a result, it was days before a plan for evacuation, testing, and treating ...

    4. Strengthening the post market surveillance with more aggressive and robust reporting and management of that more extensive data will lead to quicker access to safe drugs.

    5. A massive, new photograph of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is affixed to the wall of his press office on the third floor of the U.S. Capitol.

    6. Senators are slogging through a grueling and exhausting day as they cast scores of back-to-back votes on amendments during the annual budget vote-a-rama, which could last until the wee hours of Friday morning before there is a final vote on the bill.

    7. Sen. Mitch McConnell speaks to members of the media after a weekly Senate Republican Policy Luncheon in December 2014 in Washington.

    8. Governing is much tougher than it looks, even for a Master of the Senate like Mitch McConnell.

    9. The question of the role of government in end-of-life decisions still resonates 10 years later

    10. America, both young and old, still needs to try harder not to avoid talking about death - and one's wishes in the final days, a bioethicist asserts.

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