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    1. Republican congressmen continue their efforts in delaying the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) transition from the US government to ICANN. Kieren McCarthy reporting in The Register writes : "For the third time, a House Appropriations subcommittee has included a provision in a must-pass bill that would prevent the Department of Commerce from using any funds in the transition of the IANA...

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      TruckingInfo.comMay 19 03:09 PM

      Following on the heels of the FY2017 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) package approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee last month that included a controversial legislative “fix” for the Hour of Service rule’s 34-hour restart provisions, a House Appropriations subcommittee has advanced its version of the funding bill with language that goes much further.

    3. Money was approved in the House bill on Thursday Bill now goes to the Senate for consideration Unmanned or drone-type aircraft have been tested at Benning since 2004 … Click to Continue »

    4. A new study conducted by NASA suggests

    5. IANA contract getting unwelcome attention Republican congressmen are increasing their efforts to delay transition of a critical piece of internet infrastructure from the US government to a non-profit organization based in California.…

    6. Is $34 Million Enough to Speed Up Airport Security?

      Money Talks News via Yahoo! FinanceMay 13 01:00 AM

      Long airport security lines are creating headaches for travelers, airlines and the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA has received congressional approval to shift $34 million between accounts to hire more airport security officers and pay overtime for existing personnel, CNN Money reports. The TSA plans to spend roughly $26 million of the funds to pay for additional overtime and ...

    7. Stacey Bannerman didn't recognize her husband after he returned from his second tour in Iraq. "The man I had married was not the man that came back from war," she says. Bannerman's husband, a former National Guardsman, had been in combat and been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He behaved in ways she had never expected, and one day, he tried to strangle her. "I had been with this...

    8. The Senate Goes Home Without Funding Zika

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsApr 29 03:07 AM

      The U.S. Congress doesn’t look any closer to funding anti-Zika efforts now than it did last week. If anything, lawmakers appear to have taken steps back.

    9. Vicki Hicks controlled her father’s financial affairs for over 13 years. She was supposed to use his money for his benefit. Instead, Hicks, the former secretary to Sebring Police Chief Thomas Dettman, is accused of spending more than $100,000 of her father’s veteran’s benefits on herself while he wore tattered clothing, shoes with holes, and at times had to eat without dentures.

    10. U.S. Reps. Castor and Fleischmann will be honored for their cancer research support on May 11. On May 12, cancer researchers, physicians, survivors, patient advocates, and cancer center directors, with AACI, AACR, and ASCO will ask Congress for sustained, predictable funding increases for NIH and NCI.

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