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    1. Government Waste Gets a New Warrior

      The Fiscal Times via Yahoo! NewsApr 08 3:15 AM

      Before he retired and left Washington in January, former Sen. Tom Coburn released an annual “Wastebook” report highlighting what he deemed to be the most egregious examples of government waste each year. When it came to government agencies, Coburn’s Wastebook took no prisoners. He’d target overlapping government programs, science research he categorized as frivolous, and agencies he thought do ...

    2. Retired Sen. Tom Coburn closed out his campaign account this month with about $75,000 in charitable donations, including $40,000 to the Christian group that owns the Capitol Hill townhouse he called h

    3. Freshman Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell of Del City has taken over where Senator Tom Coburn left off.

    4. New U.S. Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma City is taking a page out of former Sen. Tom Coburn's book when it comes to highlighting government spending.

    5. Rep. Steve Russell featured more than $117 million worth of failed government efforts in the first of a "Waste Watch" series dedicated to exposing the squandering of taxpayer money.

    6. Watchdog reports look at egregious federal spending and programs that could go on the chopping block

    7. Highlights from two reports identifying areas of perceived waste in the federal government, from buildings that melt in the rain to farm subsidies.

    8. Sports leagues' tax-exempt status remains the subject of fans' confusion and political debate.

    9. Feds Spend Nearly Half a Million Dollars to Study 'Gay Sex' Satisfaction

      Russian Information Agency NovostiApr 26 16:18 PM

      The US federal government isn’t exactly known for spending wisely. The Pentagon, after all, has spent $400 billion on a fighter jet that doesn’t work. But in the latest example, the US has also spent nearly half a million dollars closely examining the “penetrative same-sex sexual experiences” of young men.

    10. It is tax week 2015. If you completed your tax return on time and wrote that check you'd much rather leave in your account, why not pour yourself a cup of coffee and plop yourself down in your favorite easy chair and sit a spell. You deserve it.

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