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    1. PHILADELPHIA — Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters and delegates protested Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate by walking out of the Wells Fargo Arena and occupying adjacent press tent. The delegates and supporters walked out of Tuesday’s Democratic National Convention chanting “The World is Watching” and marched straight into the press area, where... Read ...

      Sanders loyalists bash Clinton nomination, clash... - The Canadian Press via Yahoo Canada News

    2. As Bernie Sanders slowly loses control of his “political revolution,” Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night shows he is still wrestling with his. If Bernie Sanders has started a grassroots crusade for genuine progressive reform, Obama’s revolution was more personal: for millions of Americans who supported him in 2008 and 2012,…

    3. Can the Green Party win over Bernie Sanders supporters?

      Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! NewsJul 26 03:09 PM

      As crowds of angry Bernie Sanders fans held rallies outside the Democratic National Convention on Monday in protest of Hillary Clinton's impending nomination, they were joined by another, lower-profile candidate hoping to win them over: Jill Stein, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Green Party. Dr. Stein is inviting disgruntled Sanders-supporting Democrats to switch their allegiances...

      Watch Bernie Sanders tear up as his brother cast... - Business Insider via Yahoo! Finance

      Die-hard Sanders' backers divided on backing Cli... - The Canadian Press via Yahoo Canada News

    4. As the Democratic convention held a roll call vote on delegates, some Bernie Sanders supporters took one last opportunity to back their candidate. As the Vermont Senator watched quietly from a seat with his state’s delegation, Sanders backers from various delegations made brief statements of support as they enumerated their state’s vote count. Alaska: “Fourteen…

    5. The logistical organization of the Democratic National Convention seems to be, as many journalists have commented, a dumpster fire. Luckily for Democrats, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not attending the convention. Republicans ought to be jealous of the quality of the first night's...

    6. Rift between Sanders' loyalists, Democratic brass lingers

      The Canadian Press via Yahoo Canada NewsJul 27 11:37 PM

      The tension between Bernie Sanders activists and Democratic Party brass set to crown Hillary Clinton their nominee lingered in pockets of Philadelphia as the final day of the convention dawned. Actors and delegates took centre stage in smaller and more subdued protests by Bernie Sanders supporters on a mostly quiet Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention. Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover ...

    7. Members of the California delegation at the Democratic convention heckled the Vermont senator as he kept trying to dissuade them from “a Donald Trump presidency.”

    8. Can the Green Party win over Bernie Sanders supporters?

      The Christian Science MonitorJul 26 07:07 PM

      Presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein hopes to attract disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters as an alternative to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    9. Monday evening, Bernie Sanders stood on the stage at the Democratic National Convention as the most influential loser in a presidential primary race since Ronald Reagan in 1976. Except for the hard reality that he is not the party’s nominee, Bernie’s prime time address was truly a victory speech. ...

    10. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivers remarks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center, July 25, 2016 in Philadelphia.

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