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    1. Bernie Sanders Is Over Social Media Gaffe Stories

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceMay 24 09:30 AM

      “In terms of campaign coverage, there is more coverage about the political gossip of the campaign, about raising money, about polling, about somebody saying something dumb, or some kid works for a campaign and sends out something stupid on Facebook, right?” the Vermont senator said in an appearance Sunday on CNN's Reliable Sources, a program about media. Controversies about social media posts by...

    2. Longshot presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is offering the most aggressive -- some would say radical -- plans to narrowing America's growing income gap.

    3. Bernie Sanders, currently seeking the Democratic nomination for president, has a new proposal for how to expand educational opportunities for America's students.

    4. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont socialist and 2016 presidential candidate, has one-upped the White House with a plan that should make college students—and their tuition-paying parents—stand up and cheer. Sanders on Tuesday introduced the College for All Act, a bill that would eliminate tuition at public four-year colleges and universities. “It is a national disgrace that hundreds of thousands of...

    5. Bernie Sanders Wants to Tax Stock Trades to Pay for Free College

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceMay 18 03:03 PM

      Bernie Sanders wants to take from the rich in order to make public college tuition-free for everyone else. "The Robin Hood tax would also slow the growth of automated high frequency trading, which makes the stock market more dangerous," the press release stated.

    6. Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, speaks during a news conference outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington on April 30. Sanders said he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, setting up a progressive challenge to frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

    7. Bernie Sanders has a higher education proposal he'd like to ride all the way to the White House.

    8. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent, introduced legislation Tuesday that would get rid of tuition at four-year public colleges and universities.

    9. Conventional wisdom holds that things get nasty pretty quickly between candidates during primary season. But then again, Bernie Sanders is hardly a typical candidate for the office of President of the United States and it seems that some major media outlets are having a tough time getting their collective heads around that. Thus far, the Bernie Sanders Tells Press He Won’t Attack Hillary Clinton...

    10. Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders is portraying his rival Hillary Clinton a newcomer to the left's fight against income inequality.

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