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    1. Business customers looking to continue using Internet Explorer instead of switching to Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 have until January 12, 2016 to upgrade. Upgrading to the latest Internet Explorer version 11 by the deadline will ensure that you continue to receive security updates and technical support, according to a Microsoft advisory. " Internet Explorer 11 is the last major version of ...

    2. Peter Jones asked me a question about Internet Explorer: “How do I get rid of Bing?” My answer also covers the new Edge browser that comes with Windows 10. Microsoft, of course, would rather you used its Bing search engine in its browser running inside its operating system. But you don’t have to. Even if you'd prefer to stay with Microsoft’s browser, you can change that browser’s default search...

    3. There are a lot of organisations that still have to run web apps made for Internet Explorer. Despite releasing its new Edge browser, Microsoft understands it needs to continue supporting Internet Explorer for some of its enterprise customers. That’s why it has made improvements to its Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode tools. More »          

    4. The era when Google Chrome was head and shoulders above the competition has ended. Today’s popular browsers compete on a level playing field. Internet Explorer 11 — the oft overlooked Microsoft standby — is being replaced by Edge, a lean browser for Windows 10. Mozilla Firefox and Opera continue to ramp up their version numbers, and Safari tenaciously scuttles along as the under-appreciated ...

    5. RLE India, a 100 per cent subsidiary of German-headquartered RLE International Group that offers engineering services to the international automotive industry, aims to increase its revenues from €5 million to €20 million in another five years. Robert P Rupa, managing director and COO of RLE International, said on Friday that globally its revenues are €100 million, and it aims to ...

    6. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera all render the Web, but each has gone its own way in terms of its interface, plugin strategy, performance, and more. Now a new browser targeting power users has blurred the lines: Vivaldi, which puts a feature-packed, Opera-like interface on top of Chromium's open-source platform. Vivaldi has been available for some time as a technical preview...

    7. At 150, Alice remains forever young

      The Sun ChronicleNov 26 09:09 PM

      Your browser does not support the iframe HTML tag. Try viewing this in a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 or later.

    8. Who was the skeleton in sleeping bag?

      Herald SunNov 27 12:00 PM

      “THIS may be the end of my journey.” These are the last words penned by a mystery man whose remains have been linked to Australia.

    9. It’s the Angus and Brian show

      Perth NowNov 27 12:03 PM

      PERTH fans were left Thunderstruck by a rock show of epic proportions as AC/DC took to the stage for the first of two WA performances.

    10. Black-eye Friday as US shoppers brawl

      Adelaide NowNov 27 08:31 AM

      YES, that is a grown woman stealing a veggie steamer from a child! Just one example of the shocking behaviour of some Black Friday shoppers in the US.

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