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    1. Why Do So Many Companies Still Use Internet Explorer?

      Lifehacker AustraliaAug 26 07:49 PM

      I remember the sheer contempt that coursed through my body when I had to use Internet Explorer to access the work intranet in one of my previous jobs. I, like so many others out there, hate Microsoft’s former browser with a passion. So why do our employers still insist on ramming it down our throats? Let’s talk about that. More »          

    2. The flaw allows an attacker to hijack control of your computer via Internet Explorer – just by visiting a boobytrapped webpage.

    3. Microsoft patches critical Internet Explorer flaw that hackers exploit to control your PC

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsAug 19 01:42 AM

      Microsoft has issued a patch for a serious security flaw in Internet Explorer which is being actively exploited by hackers. Microsoft's emergency patch was issued this week outside its typical monthly update - known as Patch Tuesday - which indicates how serious the vulnerability is. The flaw affects all versions of Internet Explorer between IE7 and IE11 - although it doesn't affect the company...

    4. Introduction Microsoft's follow-up to Internet Explorer, uninspiringly called Edge , needs to up the ante against its rivals, Firefox and Chrome, in order to stem the gradual erosion of Redmond's browser market share. This is no easy task, though – Microsoft needs to cope with the tens of millions of legacy users who are still very much accustomed to the quirks and peculiarities of Internet ...

    5. Windows users are encouraged to update their computers as soon as possible, after Microsoft pushed out a patch for an issue in Internet Explorer that lets attackers remotely run malicious code with whatever privileges the current user has. The “Critical” vulnerability affects Internet Explorer versions 7 through 11 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Vista. Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2012 R2 and the ...

    6. Microsoft issued an emergency out-of-band security update on Tuesday to address a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. All supported versions of Internet Explorer need to be patched as the remote code execution vulnerability is actively being exploited in the wild.

    7. Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the launch of Internet Explorer. First making an appearance in the Windows 95 era via the Microsoft Plus! Add-on pack which featured the excitingly-named Internet Jumpstart Kit and version 1.0 of the browser people love to hate and hate to love. Two full decades later we have slowly but surely worked up to Internet Explorer 11 -- Chrome, for comparison ...

    8. Urgent update for Windows users

      CBS 5 PhoenixAug 20 01:30 PM

      I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and started using the new Edge browser, so do I still need to install critical updates for Internet Explorer? Ken Colburn from Data Doctors has the answer.

    9. 'Critical' bug targets Internet Explorer users

      Daily TelegraphAug 19 08:28 AM

      Microsoft has warned Internet Explorer users to update their machines to avoid being targeted by hackers. Here's how to protect your computer

    10. Ask LH: Should I Care About Microsoft Edge?

      Lifehacker AustraliaAug 25 08:43 PM

      Dear Lifehacker, I’m curious about Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10 which I’ve yet to upgrade to. What’s new? Should I bother using it instead of Chrome or Firefox? Or is it just Internet Explorer with a new paint job? More »          

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