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    1. Yes, a breakup changes you. I'm hoping that it's turning me into someone better. (We'll see.) But stress has a strange effect on people. Some people become stronger and better after going through a breakup. Others? They become one of these women. Here are the three women that I so don't want to be after my divorce. The Man Hater. Right after I separated from my husband, I went to a neighborhood...

    2. Two years ago I drove across the United States with one of my closest friends — also a trans man — and as we crossed state lines we played the game “Now You Have Rights, Now You Don't." After visiting 45 states and four European countries, and traveling almost monthly throughout the Northwest for my job at Pride Foundation, I’ve gotten used to the complications of #TravelingWhileTrans — though I...

    3. The desi singer who opened for Bon Jovi

      rediff.comOct 11 11:18 PM

      'I couldn't think of anything else the whole day but music and beats,' says Carl Frenais, the Kochi-born singer making waves in Dubai.

    4. Meet Chyna Brown, the woman behind an organization who brought eight inner-city children to the "Justice or Else" rally in Washington, D.C.

    5. EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells, who has been in the hospital for more than a week while fighting a MRSA staph infection, tweeted a good luck message to his teammates before their game against the San Francisco 49ers o

    6. NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept. 24, 2015–In his first address in New York, Pope Francis lamented the suffering caused by the sexual abuse scandal in the United States – not only for the trauma inflicted on the Church’s most vulnerable members, but also for the shame it has brought to priests and religious in general. “I [...]

    7. Go Long! 11 Albums With Ludicrously Lengthy Titles

    8. Lisa Halim is willing to take on any job that would make her stay in the UK because 'I have more of a life here than in Malaysia'.

    9. This week’s episode is mind-boggling in its ingenuity, its time-hopping central premise enough to leave you scratching your head for days That moment, as people say on the internet, when an episode of Doctor Who strays so far into the weird that it becomes a classic, somehow despite itself. There’s more to pick over within Before The Flood than any episode in recent memory. Continue reading...

    10. Relationship experts at free evnt Oct. 8

      The Grass Valley UnionOct 05 08:15 PM

      I Love YouYou Drive Me Crazy,” a workshop with relationship experts Sonika Tinker and Christian Pedersen, will be offered from 7 to 9:30p.m.Thursday, Oct. 8, from Courtyard Suites, 210 N. Auburn Street in Grass Valley.

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