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    1. Up to 90% of Jewish non-profits may need to find new top leaders in the next seven years. What will that kind of sweeping generational change mean for the federations and other communal heavy-hitters?

    2. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel arrives at the White House on Monday, he and President Obama have reasons to put the past behind them.

    3. How Israel Out-Foxed US Presidents

      consortiumnews.comNov 09 09:37 AM

      From the Archive: As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with President Obama, the mainstream media is asking who’s to blame for their chilly relationship. But the problem is not just personal. It goes to Israel’s longstanding efforts to out-fox U.S. presidents, as Morgan Strong described in 2010. By Morgan Strong (Originally published May 31, 2010) At…

    4. Sick Overreactions to Islamic Terrorism

      The Huffington PostNov 19 12:44 PM

      Sick overreactions to Islamic terrorism are becoming archetypical. The first overreaction advocates pitiless counterism (a term designed to be broader than counter-terrorism). The second overreaction is the looming mistreatment of Muslim diaspora. The third overreaction maligns the faith of Islam. I will argue below that these overreactions foster lawlessness, fail to prevent terrorism, and ...

    5. The two leaders are trying to repair their relationship after clashing over the Iran nuclear accord.

    6. The tortured relationship between Barack and Bibi, as they call each other, has been a story of crossed signals, misunderstandings, slights perceived and real. Burdened by mistrust, divided by ideology.

    7. Pamela Geller is the most prominent representative for the anti-Muslim far-right on the Internet. Yet tax filings show that she has received substantial grants from the Jewish Communal Fund, a mainstream philanthropic group.

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