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    1. Contrary to industry claims, coal power would fail to deliver electricity to those suffering from energy poverty and would actively degrade their lives, says Gore and global investment manager David Blood The global coal industry has mounted a “cynical and misleading campaign” to present coal as a solution to world poverty, according to former US vice-president Al Gore and global investment ...

    2. Al Gore, former vice-president of the US and Apple board member, has seemingly confirmed that there will be more than one new iPhone launched in October.

    3. Harlan Ullman Remember the 2000 presidential elections? Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote. But for thirty-one days after the election, no one knew whether he or Texas Governor George W. Bush had prevailed in Florida winning the needed electoral votes that would determine the nation's 43rd president. "Hanging chads" and the spectacular hair-do of Florida's Secretary of State Kathleen ...

    4. Quote of the Day: Draymond Green compares himself to Al Gore

      NBC Sports: ProBasketballTalkApr 23 14:13 PM

      So he's going to produce an environmental documentary next?

    5. The former vice-president's daughter tells PEOPLE she feels politics at the top level is too much about money

    6. If you go far enough left or right on the American political spectrum, you end up in the same place: trashing utilities for trying to kill the solar-power revolution.

    7. © Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images Warriors forward Draymond Green displayed a great attitude about losing out on the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

    8. I guess Al Gore got to them. Motorola has just announced today that they are the first major cell phone manufacturer “to redesign all of its mobile phone and accessory chargers (external power supplies) to be ENERGY STAR-qualified.”

    9. Golden State Warriors forward and resident funny guy Draymond Green placed second to Kawhi Leonard in Defensive Player of the Year voting this season, and he appeared to take it The post Draymond Green Compares Second-Place DPOY Finish to Al Gore appeared first on SLAMonline .

    10. Al Jazeera America is showing its true colors — and they’re not red, white and blue. A host of staffers are upset that the cable news outfit — which made...

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