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    1. I had just come back from a 2005 international conference on major world issues, where the consensus on climate change was that we did not have to worry for another 50 years. Then I returned to Los Angeles and attended a presentation by Al Gore at CAA. Al’s now-famous slideshow on the climate made me... Read more »

    2. Retired Adm. Michael Mullen, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, a former commander of NATO forces, and former Vice President Al Gore will be among the participants today in the 19th annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills.  

    3. BENNINGTON — Rising temperatures from carbon dioxide emissions could cause the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to melt by the end of the century, increasing sea levels five to six feet. Scientists say this could be devastating to island nations and coastal cities. In the U.S. alone, that could affect some 13 million people, and hundreds of millions worldwide, according to Karenna Gore.

    4. Al Gore calls for fossil fuel divestment at Harvard

      The Huffington PostApr 11 12:11 PM

      On April 7, Al Gore, founder and chair of the Climate Reality Project , spoke at Harvard University about the need to tackle climate change. The first topic he addressed? Fossil fuel divestment. After bringing up divestment by name, he said: [There will be] trillion[s of] dollars of stranded subprime carbon assets, and I've spent a lot of time in the investment community analyzing the great ...

    5. In almost fitting fashion, former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore ’69 drove from Manhattan after inclement weather cancelled his flight, and arrived only 20 minutes late to deliver his talk, “Confronting The Climate Crisis: Critical Roles for the US and China.”

    6. IT was Al Gore’s doing. Just ask Alexandra Beatriz Cancio, 24, a corporate-sustainability analyst in First Philippine Holdings (FPH) Corp. and a management graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University. Cancio said her turning point on becoming an environmentalist was when she watched US Vice President Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

    7. History of a Climate Con

      The Wall Street JournalApr 12 04:10 PM

      Al Gore had a revelation: Energy taxes would be a loser for Obama.

    8. Al-Jazeera America network shuts down Tuesday

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 11 12:49 PM

      Al-Jazeera America, which couldn't attract an audience to another cable news network in the United States, signs off Tuesday night following a three-hour live farewell designed to highlight its work since ...

    9. Controversial song lyrics – Prince's song "Darling Nikki" was about a young lady who did something ... naughty with a magazine. According to Time Magazine, the song's lyrics inspired wife of then Sen. Al Gore, Tipper Gore, to found the Parents Music Resource Center, which led to "Parental Advisory" labels on albums.

    10. Al Jazeera America will close out its nearly three-year run with a three-hour retrospective broadcast featuring highlights of the news channel's reporting since its August 2013 launch. Al Jazeera stunned its U.S. outpost in January with its decision to pull the plug on its American cable news channel. The company's website ceased operations in February.

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