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  1. IT WAS, OF COURSE, almost inevitable, but hopefully it will send a very strong message to our tourism planners and policymakers that if we portray ourselves as an iconic or aspirational destination that...

  2. Prince Harry Gets Tested for HIV in Facebook Live Video

    Entertainment Tonight via Yahoo Canada NewsJul 14 04:21 AM

    Better safe than sorry! On Thursday morning, Prince Harry took to Facebook Live to share footage of himself getting tested for HIV at the Guys and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London.

  3. When presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced Virginia Sen. Timothy Kaine as her running mate Friday, it gave her something in common with Republican rival Donald Trump -- they both have chosen ultra-safe, almost plain running mates who are unlikely to send shockwaves through the race.

  4. Better safe than sorry

    The HinduJul 01 09:11 AM

    Instead of morphing Internet into a monster, parents need to guide their children through the labyrinthine digital world

  5. Suspicious bottle rattles Ross Street

    The Sault StarJul 10 07:33 AM

    A firefighter inspects a suspicious bottle on Ross Street on Sunday morning.

  6. frameborder=â0â allowFullScreen> In his second memoir, It Gets Worse , YouTube star Shane Dawson examines the idea that âit gets betterâ head-on. âIâm here to tell you that it gets worse. It really does,â Dawson said in a statement. âThe problems you have as a kid will seem ridiculous...

  7. Choosing the best Mac for a student can be difficult: should you buy a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac mini or new iMac? Here we explore the various Mac options in 2016 and give our buying advice. Best Mac for students.

  8. Don't mix alcohol and sleeping pills

  9. I feel sorry for Theresa May – and not just because she’s a Tory, which must be really unpleasant. She’s finally landed what she’s always wanted – the top job – but with terrible timing.

  10. Alan and Mavis Bristow have been sitting in the sun on what used to be a road through a caravan park near Skipsea, East Yorkshire, and said it has been the worst year in memory for cliff erosion.

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