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    1. In the seven years since David Foster Wallace’s death, the author’s legend has grown to immense proportions. Known for his dense, hyperactive essays and novels, Wallace has become an archetype of the tortured genius.

    2. Jason Segel gets David Foster Wallace just right in James Ponsoldt’s “The End of the Tour.”

    3. In 1996, Wallace's novel Infinite Jest was a critical and popular success. The new movie The End of The Tour recreates the author's tour for that book. Originally broadcast March 5, 1997.

    4. Could the Internet Age See Another David Foster Wallace?

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsAug 11 11:13 AM

      The conventional wisdom about Wallace—an idea put forth during the nascent days of his fame, and reiterated in a good portion of the approximately 512,246 essays and novels and Tumblr posts that came as that fame crystallized into something closer to canonization—is that Wallace, the person, was extremely ambivalent about Wallace, the persona. Celebrity, in all its tentacular forms, was one of ...

    5. The writer whose book became the new movie about David Foster Wallace discusses the life and mind of the late literary genius

    6. Almost 20 years ago, a Rolling Stone reporter named David Lipsky spent five days interviewing and hanging out with the late novelist David Foster Wallace.

    7. As David Foster Wallace, Jason Segel deserves credit his ventriloquism. But any awards attention should go to Jesse Eisenberg, the movie's emotional center. The post The Best Part of End of the Tour Isn’t David Foster Wallace appeared first on WIRED .

    8. When reading David Foster Wallace?s 1,079-page novel ?Infinite Jest? is only part of your preparation for a role, you know you have an intellectual challenge ahead of you.

    9. Do some pretentious dudes love "Infinite Jest?" Of course—but it would be a shame to dismiss him on that alone

    10. David Foster Wallace, Beloved Author of Bros

      New York MagazineAug 12 12:37 PM

      “Just a penis with a thesaurus”: so went the standard withering dismissal of John Updike that David Foster Wallace quoted in a 1997 review. Wallace was describing the scorn that readers his age felt for the mid-century writers he called “Great Male Narcissists” — Norman Mailer and Philip Roth, too, ... More »

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