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    1. "String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis" hits store shelves next week.

    2. Salon talks to frontman Gary Louris about Prince, David Foster Wallace and why he and Mark Olson will never reunite

    3. THEATRE THE RIVER ★★★☆ Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St Kilda Until May 28

    4. A24 bringing 'I Want My MTV' book to the big screen

      Entertainment WeeklyApr 19 12:45 PM

      Distributor taps 'End of the Tour' filmmaker James Ponsoldt to direct, write, and produce.

    5. “The tax code, once you get to know it, embodies all the essence of human life: greed, politics, power, goodness, charity.” The Pale King, David Foster Wallace

    6. Business Observer for Sunday, May 1

      The Fayetteville ObserverApr 28 05:14 PM

      David Elliott, president and CEO of Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union, will serve as chairman of the board for the United Way of Cumberland County.

    7. The taxman’s tech troubles

      Federal Computer WeekApr 08 12:30 PM

      The agency spends $2.5 billion annually on IT across more than 20 major systems, yet it still relies on a central data processing setup that went online in the 1960s to keep its revenue-collecting cogs turning.

    8. Unrecognised for much of her career, the 72-year-old was recently chosen as the UK’s representative at the 2017 Venice Biennale As recently as 10 years ago, the artist Phyllida Barlow was not selling work and no gallery was collecting it. In the past it was normal for her to leave a sculpture in the street and see what happened, or to break into a disused factory to install something nobody ...

    9. Is the internet ruining the English language? Has the original meaning of "beg the question" been...

    10. Have we held Don DeLillo’s Underworld against him? Masterpieces of an epic scale are a tricky business, not least for the distorting effect they can have on the rest of a writer’s works. Tolstoy wrote two, but most mortals — Melville, George Eliot, Joyce — only get one. And while War and Peace and Anna ... More »

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