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    1. Two decades after it was published, Wallace’s novel still feels transcendentally, electrically alive.

      ‘Infinite Jest’ at 20 - New York Times

    2. I've been thinking a lot this week, which marks the 20th anniversary of Infinite Jest ’s publication, about the first time I ever read David Foster Wallace's work. I plowed through "Big Red Son ," [PDF link], the first essay in Wallace’s Consider the Lobster , during a study hall period when I was a high school senior. About 10 minutes in, I considered lighting the book on fire and throwing it ...

    3. ‘Infinite Jest’ at 20

      New York TimesFeb 04 06:34 PM

      When David Foster Wallace’s novel was first published, critics called it everything from “tedious” to “uproarious.”

    4. A clever, gently provocative movie about talking, listening and competing interests, "The End of the Tour" is a two-character play that managed to hitch a ride as a road movie directed by James Ponsoldt, whose previous films include "The Spectacular Now" and "Smashed." In March 1996, starting at...

    5. David Foster Wallace's now-classic novel Infinite Jest published 20 years ago Monday, and is considered the classic grunge-era novel. But I didn't encounter it until 2006, the summer before I went to college. The 10th anniversary edition cost a mere $10 at my local Borders — a bargain at less than a penny a page. This 1,079-page book would eventually provide me with a total of two months' worth...

    6. "We're all lonely for something we don't know we're lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we've never even met?" -- David Foster Wallace David Foster Wallace spent the last years of his life teaching creative writing at Pomona College. Pomona College is no more than a 10-minute walk from where I live. It is also where David Foster ...

    7. Readers Respond: ‘Infinite Jest’ at 20

      New York TimesFeb 04 06:35 PM

      Commenters illustrate the starkly divided reception of David Foster Wallace’s ambitious novel.

    8. A collection of conversations with late literary lights delivers ?civilized entertainment.?

    9. A collection of conversations with late literary lights delivers ?civilized entertainment.?

    10. Since its debut, 20 years ago on Monday, David Foster Wallace's 1,000 page novel Infinite Jest has been heralded as an American masterpiece — and is very likely to be the most famous book most of us have never actually finished Indeed, the famously dense 1996 novel has become something of a literary litmus test. In this world there are casual readers and there are book lovers, but readers who ...

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