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    1. "To really try to be informed and literate today is to feel stupid nearly all the time"

    2. The End of the Tour actor discusses his role in the upcoming biopic

    3. “He has become a character, an icon, and in some circles a saint.

    4. Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace's long, dense, and brilliant masterpiece of American fiction, can be daunting to start (the paperback edition is 1,079 pages, including the infamous footnotes). In order to play the author in the upcoming The End of the Tour, Jason Segel went through Wallace's oeuvre, including tackling ... More »

    5. Arrive 20 minutes early Ask, “Who is David Foster Wallace?” Bring with you a mattress Ask, “If you could visit any concentration camp, which one would it be?” Tell him/her all the things you hate about New York a/o the place you live and why it is the worst place on earth Ask, “In human history, what was the worst genocide, in your opinion?” Extol the virtues of capitalism Ask, “Was the invasion...

    6. When Writers Put Themselves Into the Story

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsJun 16 08:58 AM

      As a teenager, the novelist Joshua Cohen loved Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella The Double for its eerie conceit, in which a man encounters a stranger who looks exactly like himself. After examining the literary origins of The Double’s story, Cohen explained his attraction to writers (from Cervantes to David Foster Wallace) who write themselves into their fictions, his mistrust of the third-person ...

    7. Country Music and Magic Mike XXL : The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsJul 04 06:00 AM

      British Cinemas Need to Do Better for Black Audiences Simran Hans | Buzzfeed “The myth that black people don’t go to the cinema becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, predicated on the assumption that cinemagoers are only interested in seeing themselves represented on screen. This seems to be at the heart of the problem.”

    8. MANCHESTER, NH, N.H. -- I've spent a decade entirely broke, published by small presses, read by no one," Joshua Cohen told The New York Times in a June 12th interview. The occasion was the imminent ...

    9. The Book of Numbers is a new book by Joshua Cohen, the author of three other novels, various volumes of short fiction, and much literary criticism. It is a sort of techno-thriller, like Jurassic Park . Read more...

    10. Nantucket Film Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary With High-Profile Lineup

      The Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo! NewsJun 24 03:42 PM

      The festival, which has attracted and honored acclaimed screenwriters and films in recent years, is recognizing Chinatown scribe Robert Towne and honoring longtime supporter Anne Meara, who died at the end of May.

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