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    1. David Foster Wallace's Backhand

      The Wall Street JournalMay 27 12:53 PM

      Federer is ‘Mozart and Metallica at the same time, and the harmony’s somehow exquisite.’ Tom Perrotta reviews “String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis.”

    2. Examining the root of behaviors like obsession and addiction.

    3. From David Foster Wallace to Nora Ephron, Melville Houseâs The Last Interview series honors the minds and voices of late writers by re-printing the last interviews theyâve given, along with other conversations. David Bowie, who died this year on January 10, is the latest genius to receive...

    4. "String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis" hits store shelves next week.

    5. ‘The Mirror Thief,’ by Martin Seay

      New York TimesMay 27 08:58 AM

      A novel with three plots, various Venices, inscrutable passages and deep meaning (or none).

    6. I read a piece recently where novelist David Foster Wallace discusses how books and films seduce us. Books especially, with their unique brand of telepathy, have an easy point of ingress into our brains and hearts (and pants, to extend the seduction metaphor). It’s easy to snatch a book off the shelf at the library or bookstore and get drawn into a writer’s premise, into the world of their ...

    7. THEATRE THE RIVER ★★★☆ Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St Kilda Until May 28

    8. The 20 Greatest Magazine Stories

      Outlook IndiaMay 26 08:33 AM

      They exposed State failure, they touched hearts, they highlighted humankind’s failure and arrogance. One was a profile and one proved a hoax!

    9. Salon talks to frontman Gary Louris about Prince, David Foster Wallace and why he and Mark Olson will never reunite

    10. The history, internal contradictions, and frequent mischaracterization of the nature and operation of neoliberal ideology.

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