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    1. Ross Lockhart, a super-wealthy businessman, has holed up in a facility in the barren chaparral of Kyrgyzstan, hoping to cheat death through cryonic suspension.

    2. When High Technology Meets Immortality

      New York Review of BooksMay 19 01:15 PM

      In Zero K Don DeLillo has found the perfect physical repository for his oracular visions, his end-time reveries, his balladry of dread.

    3. Don DeLillo began his crescendo of celebrated work - one cymbal crash after another through the 1980s and '90s - with a novel that may be his quietest. The Names, from 1982, doesn't investigate a president's assassination, like Libra (1988) does; rather,

    4. Mortality is at the heart of this powerful new novel set in a cryonics lab – Don DeLillo’s best work since Underworld Don DeLillo’s late period work, which we can date from 2001’s The Body Artist , has been marked by novels that are slim, stark, conceptual, and that seem designed to provide as few of the traditional satisfactions of the form as possible. Endings are left untied, characters ...

    5. Review: Don DeLillo's new novel considers life after death

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 02 12:43 PM

      Zero K" (Scribner), by Don DeLillo:

    6. Zero K

      Book ReporterMay 12 11:42 PM

      Don DeLillo has written for more than half a century, producing 17 novels. He often captures and anticipates events on the pages of his books that reflect American culture in ways few writers can equal.

    7. DeLillo’s flair with language paints a picture of a strange world, where the holy trinity – ‘Mastercard, Visa, American Express’ – distracts from our mortality Don DeLillo is a writer in love with words. He’s often spoken about the almost physical pleasure he takes in putting black on white, in banging out syllables on his noisy old typewriter, of watching sentences take shape in front of him ...

    8. Zero K , out this week, is beautiful—but it sees in the advent of cryonic technology a chilling effect that dooms art, happiness, and humanity itself. The post In Don DeLillo's New Novel Zero K , Cryonics Doesn't Just Preserve—It Destroys appeared first on WIRED .

    9. Sinister scientists and cryogenic pods: one of our leading chroniclers of contemporary reality turns his attention to life after death One doesn’t think of Don DeLillo as a religious writer, exactly, but there has always been an atmosphere of divination and prophecy about his work; a tendency for his plots to take their characters through successive portals of initiation, often into vaguely ...

    10. Zero K by Don DeLillo - review

      London Evening StandardMay 19 10:18 AM

      Chilling observations on the nature of mortality, says David Sexton

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