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    1. Soldotna expands trail system

      Peninsula ClarionAug 30 11:13 PM

      A stroll beginning at the Soldotna Sports Complex will soon get visitors all the way to the heart of the city. The $197,400 Centennial Park to Visitor Center Trail Construction Project will result in the installation of several hundred feet of trail, elevated walkway and fencing. It links a system of trails that runs along the Kenai River at Kalifornsky Beach Road to another that runs along the...

    2. My career studying oil spill impacts came about by accident - an actual accident. I was establishing field experiments in a coastal lagoon when the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill occurred through a blowout at a nearby oil platform. My experiments ruined, I volunteered in oil response efforts and in reviewing shoreline impact studies. Oil had touched me then and would do so again. In 1989, I was ...

    3. As Barack Obama opens up the Arctic Ocean to oil drilling, how can this pristine wilderness withstand the human hunger for fossil fuels? At midnight on 29 June, the sun was directly north and well above the hills. It had not gone down since I arrived in the Arctic, three days earlier, and would not set for weeks. It rolled around the sky like a marble in a bowl, sometimes behind clouds or ...

    4. Pres. Obama - visiting Alaska this week - agreed earlier this month to allow Royal Dutch Shell to resume Arctic oil exploration, yet Alaska officials say it may not be enough to save the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the state’s economic lifeline for the past 40 years.

    5. Monday-Thursday, 5 PM ET

      BloombergAug 12 03:36 AM

      Oil wasn’t the only thing that gushed after a well operated by BP Plc exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. There was also a fountain of research.

    6. Alaska is perhaps the place where the conflicting interests between core interests and requirements to reduce energy consumption or use more expensive renewable energy are most apparent, writes Strafor , the Texas-based global intelligence company.

    7. Alaska Governor Bill Walker has a message for President Barack Obama: Fill the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System while you still can.

    8. Manicured lawns are ruining the planet.

    9. Recently, activists paddled a flotilla of kayaks — made from petroleum products — into the Seattle harbor in an attempt to blockade a Shell Oil offshore drilling platform destined for the Arctic. Then activists in Portland suspended themselves from the St. Johns Bridge — using all sorts of equipment and supplies made from petroleum products — in an effort to stop Shell's icebreaker from leaving...

    10. L et's admit right up front that, at least on a production level, Waterworld was a disaster. It went far over budget. Director Kevin Reynolds quit after repeated clashes with star Kevin Costner , who sunk $22 million of his own money into the film. The crew grew angry with Costner because he was living in an oceanfront villa with a butler while they were stuck in cheap uninsulated rooms. Jeanne...

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