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    1. James Joyce’s difficult masterpiece has baffled readers for over seven decades, but music, reading-aloud and digital technologies are opening up rich new interpretations Ninety years ago this month, the fourth edition of Ford Madox Ford’s Transatlantic Review came out. It featured the first new work to be published by James Joyce since Ulysses in 1922. The modestly titled, eight-page piece, From...

    2. Flying Through Glass

      North Bay BohemianMay 06 01:17 AM

      Poet Harold Norse never reached the fame of some of his contemporaries in the Beat Generation—and all his books are out of print—yet Norse's influence on the Bay Area's poetry scene is undeniable.

    3. Job Search Advice: Care Enough to Prepare

      The Memphis Daily NewsMay 24 01:14 PM

      So, you want a job? We’ve been on a hiring frenzy at the Studio. Sadly, the drudgery of the interview process has wasted too much time and energ...

    4. What Was Osama bin Laden’s Interest in the Federal Reserve?

      Wall Street Journal BlogsMay 21 05:47 AM

      Among the items on Osama bin Laden’s bookshelf was a tract by an antisemitic author who harbored conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve.

    5. 'Beautiful Mind' dies in crash

      CNBCMay 24 08:54 AM

      John F. Nash Jr., the subject of "A Beautiful Mind", was killed in a New Jersey car crash on Saturday.

    6. © Frank Jacobs III/The Times of Trenton, via Associated Press John Forbes Nash Jr. and his wife, Alicia Nash, in 2002.

    7. Declassified bin Laden documents: 10 things we learned

      The New Zealand HeraldMay 20 03:11 PM

      The US government released hundreds of documents that were recovered from the compound in which Osama bin Laden was killed. Here is what we learned from them: 1. There was an application form for Jihad Would-be-Jihadists were...

    8. While the investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has been busy clouding the history of Osama bin Laden’s years on the lam in Pakistan, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence cleared things up a bit by releasing a list of documents found at the lair in Abbottabad where he was killed in 2011. Intelligence experts may be most interested in the newly declassified communications between...

    9. Here we all were, then, debating the important things: marginal rates of income tax, the folly or otherwise of Lynton Crosby’s election strategy, the moral standing of Katie Hopkins, and something to do with Nicola Sturgeon and a Barbie doll three decades ago.

    10. WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens has a new poem about deflated footballs.

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