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    1. A flirtatious fourth-century confession of a young woman’s passion is vivid, sharp and sensual At the time when blossoms Fall from the cherry-tree: On a day when yellow birds Hovered in the branches - You said you must stop, Because your horse was tired: I said I must go, Because my silkworms were hungry. All night I could not sleep Because of the moonlight on my bed. I kept on hearing a voice ...

    2. Darien seniors teach poetry to 4th graders

      The Darien TimesJun 10 08:53 AM

      Last week, Darien High School seniors from Suzanne MacLehose’s AP Literature class went to Holmes School to teach poetry seminars to the school’s 4th graders.

    3. Blast from the past: the vorticist moment

      The GuardianJun 05 03:00 AM

      Against Elgar – for Joyce! Against cod liver oil – for industry! … 100 years ago the vorticists burst on to the art scene with the most avante-garde shows London has ever experienced In the years before the first world war, London saw several explosive exhibitions that shattered the generally conservative – indeed, backward – tenor of much British art. They culminated in June 1915, after the war...

    4. Passionate writings from black US musician Henry Crowder to white English heiress Nancy Cunard shed light on scandalous yet profound relationship Unpublished letters casting light on a notorious jazz age affair, between the white English heiress Nancy Cunard and the black American musician Henry Crowder, are coming up for auction from a private collection this week. Their relationship, which ...

    5. Here's how the internet is celebrating Bloomsday

      Entertainment WeeklyJun 16 03:43 PM

      Happy Bloomsday, James Joyce fans. For the uninitiated, âBloomsdayâ occurs each year on June 16âthe day Joyceâs complex masterpiece Ulysses takes place in its entirety. From Dublin pub crawls and author talks to Joyce quizzes and Ulysses artwork, here are some ways people are...

    6. James Agee and San Diego: Summer of 2015

      San Diego ReaderJun 29 02:07 PM

      Knoxville: Summer of 1915 . Is there a more nostalgic title? It evokes a yearning for simpler times, a time when fathers watered their lawns by hose in the evening, after supper, while children played and families spoke quietly on the porch.

    7. Al Pacino reopens debate over pro-Nazi celebs

      The Jewish Journal of Greater Los AngelesJun 08 06:05 PM

      The decision by actor Al Pacino to withdraw from a Danish play because its author supported the Nazis during World War II has reopened a long-simmering debate over cultural contributions by individuals whose racial or political views are anathema.

    8. Pink Floyd have been nominated for three prizes at the 2015 Progressive Music Awards - held by Prog Magazine - while Kate Bush is up for two accolades.

    9. Jonathan Galassi?s satirical novel is an insider?s ribbing of the publishing industry.

    10. The Verse of William Butler Yeats

      The HinduJun 12 08:37 AM

      Many a romantic soul has felt a kinship with our poet in focus. “I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams,” said he and most of us agreed. In our minds...

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