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    1. With bated breath: Ligia Bouton

      Santa Fe New MexicanJul 08 05:16 AM

      Charlotte Brontë and Franz Kafka never knew one another in life. Brontë died in 1855, 28 years before Kafka was born. But they are linked by the manner of their deaths and by their passions.

    2. Indiegogo campaign for legendary Czech director’s final stop-motion animated feature inspired by Franz Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ gains support from Guillermo del Toro, Henry Selick, Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Neil Gaiman, Quay Brothers and Jan Pinkava.

    3. Franz Kafka's novel The Trial features a bank clerk - like Mark Lawson - who is dragged through a legal system and who has to defend himself against criminal charges, writes GUY ADAMS.

    4. Some wore pollen masks at Monday’s Pomona City Council meeting in a silent protest against the time it’s taking to prepare regulations against polluting businesses.

    5. A late-comer to acting, Andrew Saunders now finds himself in his element.

    6. Arnold Zable - Top Shelf

      Australian Broadcasting CorporationJul 02 10:14 PM

      Writer Arnold Zable lists his five favourite works of art, from books to music.

    7. AWN Headline News

      Animation World NetworkJul 04 10:29 AM

      New trailer for LAIKA CEO Travis Knight’s stop-motion/CG-animated directorial debut reveals more of the mythical Japanese folk tale underpinning Kubo’s story.

    8. Set within the insular world of Jerusalem’s Hasidic Jews, and also in a dream world of the director’s own devising, the movie is a place where faith, skepticism and lust entwine in disturbing and surprising ways.

    9. By United Press International On July 3, 1915, J.P. Morgan Jr., son of renowned banker and financier J. P. Morgan, was shot twice in the groin by Eric Muenter, a German professor at Harvard University. Morgan survived the would-be assassination attempt.

    10. While I was teaching at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Elie Wiesel visited our college twice, in 1983 and 1985. We started an active correspondence then, and between 1984 and … Click to Continue »

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