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    1. "I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology." During a Q&A on Facebook today , Mark Zuckerberg revealed his dream for the future of social media: mind-to-mind thought sharing. Read Full Story

    2. Future Facebook telepathy?

      Fox NewsJul 01 06:47 AM

      Public Q&A sessions at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters have become a regular part of company life since CEO Mark Zuckerberg led the first one in November 2014.

    3. Daydream believer: Rats dream of a better future

      The Christian Science MonitorJun 29 07:44 AM

      Researchers hope research into rodents' sleep will provide insight into what goes on in the human mind during sleep.

    4. Thousands went back in time as one of the largest movie audiences ever in one place gathered to watch "Back to the Future" at the Hollywood Bowl in a celebration of the film's 30th anniversary.

    5. Plan for Retirement Like a Pro

      Kiplinger.comJun 16 10:51 PM

      Actuaries use present value to calculate the worth of future payouts. But people who wouldn't know a calculator from a remote control can use it, too.

    6. The Gay Future, According to Michael Musto

      The AdvocateJul 01 01:00 AM

      The world will be brighter in years to come, but we’ll still have Liza. read more

    7. Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) group is easily one of the most exciting divisions we know about at Google. The teams there are working on nothing short of shaping our future, and some of the technologies they’re developing seem like they are straight out of a science fiction movie. In fact, some of them are straight out of a science fiction movie. Earlier this month at the ...

    8. Rats, like humans, have dreams about the future. When they see a treat they can’t reach, rats' later dreams depict them walking toward it, researchers have found. The discovery may one day provide some insight into what happens in the human mind during sleep. Maps in the Brain Scientists already knew that after a rat has explored an area, certain neurons in the hippocampus called “place cells ...

    9. How investors should be thinking about the mall of tomorrow.

    10. BBC develops mind-controlled TV

      gizmagJun 19 09:55 AM

      Mind-controlled prosthetics , drones and exoskeletons are all very forward-thinking, but what about a more mundane use for the technology? The BBC's " Mind Control TV" prototype hints at a future where couch potatoes need not even lift the remote. Users can open an app and select a program to watch. .. Continue Reading BBC develops mind-controlled TV Section: Home Entertainment Tags: Thought ...

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