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    1. Ced Kurtz's Techman Texts: The Web has a dark side

      Pittsburgh Post-GazetteApr 27 09:03 PM

      If Gertrude Stein were a modern-day geek, she might say, “The Web is the Web is the Web.” But she’d be wrong.

    2. Was Picasso a misogynist?

      The GuardianMay 21 05:42 AM

      The greatest artist of the 20th century has been characterised as a bully, a narcissist and a man who feared as well as desired women. But are the stories really true? Jonathan Jones tackles the six million euro question It is the six million euro question – or much more, if you are Picasso’s granddaughter enjoying reverse retail therapy by selling inherited art and property. What were the great...

    3. For Mina Miller, the Holocaust was a story with an impenetrable hole. The daughter of refugees from Lithuania, Miller, 65, grew up with no extended family and scant knowledge of those her parents left behind.

    4. NONFICTION: Sue Roe’s account of 20th-century Parisian artists – Modigliani, Picasso, Matisse and others – is bold, bright and entertaining.

    5. Last week, the Whitney museum opened its new building to the public with the exhibition "America Is Hard to See," spanning several floors and drawn entirely from the museum's permanent collection. Because that collection is what it is, the emphasis was on work from the first half of the 20th ... More »

    6. Vica Miller Literary Salons, a favorite NYC chamber reading series held in private art galleries, will celebrate its sixth birthday by staging the Russia! Salon at Mimi Ferzt in SoHo, the only New York gallery specializing in contemporary Russian art.

    7. AS THE creator of images which strip away layers of conventional perception to reveal the truth, Pablo Picasso remains a phenomenon in the history of modern art.

    8. Take the Mad Men Superfan Quiz

      VultureMay 14 11:14 AM

      There are the Mad Men moments we’ll never forget — “Zou Bisou Bisou,” Bert Cooper’s dancing farewell, Sally walking in on Don and Sylvia — but how well do you know the details, the minor players, and the off-handed one-liners? Test how well you know your favorite show before it ... More »

    9. The novelist shines fresh light on the likes of Manet and Freud in this collection of vivid essays Poetry and painting used to be called “the sister arts”, though that cosy phrase ignores the sibling rivalry between them. The verbal and the visual operate in different dimensions: language unfurls in time, but painted imagery is static and occupies space, which is why Cézanne indignantly asked a...

    10. Literary mysteries: Books that have been permanently lost

      Minnesota Public RadioMay 12 10:09 AM

      Manuscripts from Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Thomas Hardy and more have all been lost to time — or to a train station thief.

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