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    1. WHETHER you’re a dedicated fan or an observer, there’s no escaping the fact that Haruki Murakami is everywhere. It seems every six months a new book or story of his appears and then that’s all that his dedicated readers talk about for months.

      Wind/Pinball - The Japan Times

    2. Channeling Murakami in Mumbai

      The HinduJan 29 05:17 PM

      This one-woman monologue encourages audiences to find themselves in the protagonist

    3. The best books-and-music pairings

      The GuardianFeb 03 08:45 AM

      Listening to music and reading not only can go together, but can make fantastic partners and intensify both experiences. Here are your favourite pairings – with couples like Stephen King and Petshop Boys, sci-fi and Aphex Twin or Atwood and Beach House The best background music for reading: your choices Literary Mixtape series: Alexander Chee finds a heroine – with Beyoncé’s help If you don’t ...

    4. The Power of Powerball: Why Dreaming Is Priceless

      The Huffington PostJan 18 08:48 AM

      "I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do." -- Haruki Murakami This past week the Powerball lottery reached an all-time high: $1.5 billion. And all around me, people were in a ticket-buying frenzy. (Full disclosure: I was one of those people.) Some stood in line for hours while others superstitiously hopped from location to location to purchase tickets. Some took part in ...

    5. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Patti Smith's "M Train" is a non-linear regression into her life before and after the death of her husband, guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith.

    6. The pair are celebrating A Little Aloud with Love, a collection of romantic writing

    7. Their Library: Quilt

      Clash MusicFeb 03 09:16 AM

      Literary influences explored... Quilt are part of America's underground, a loose-knit conglomerate of writers, musicians, dreamers and vagabond spirits. The band have released a flurry of material, but new album 'Plaza' could be their best yet. Determined to take the road less travelled, their off kilter indie rock is matched to lyrical complexity that has a devoutly literary feel. Out later ...

    8. NEW YORK – The English version of a Japanese book on how to declutter rooms topped U.S. newspaper USA Today’s weekly best-seller list on Thursday. “It took 60 weeks, but Japan’s Marie Kondo is finally queen of USA Today’s Best Selling Books list,” the major U.S. daily said.

    9. 10 Reasons Being A Parent Of Twins Is Kicking My Ass

      The Huffington PostJan 25 04:38 AM

      Raising twins has been the most incredible, unique, fun, rewarding, and challenging experience of my life. Watching my girls grow and learn together has been the driving force that inspires me, encourages me, and compels me to wake up every morning and do it all over again. It's not easy. In fact, every single day is demanding -- and requires me to give everything I have ... and then more. Being...

    10. What you read is what you write

      Daily NewsJan 25 11:35 AM

      Maha Geeni Kanda did not, does not and would not exist in reality. But it exists in fiction. In this mountain lives a boygod who narrates his tale to a CFL bulb. Lal Medawattegedara took that tale off the CFL bulb and renarrated it to us mortal souls.

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