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    1. I would like to think that in the grand scheme of things, there is a good reason why you walking out of my life is the best thing that'll ever happen to me. I think all people think that way whenever they go through something that completely tears them apart—that there's always a good reason behind heartbreaks, that someone better is yet to come, that their life is bound to change for the better...

    2. The toughest thing in the world for me is to let go and just breathe. I speak nineteen to the dozen and think way faster than that. Like any spirited person, I tend to focus on each and every word, action or reaction of mine and of those around me. Every day is a roller coaster of emotion and bouncy house of ideas, plans and what not as I multi-task and process things rapidly, just because I can.

    3. Seven things to avoid when buying a new car

      Yahoo Finance Canada via Yahoo Canada FinanceJun 29 12:38 PM

      You only do this every few years. The dealers sell countless cars every day. Recognize that you're at a huge disadvantage.

    4. Take The Quiz: Are You Secure In Your Relationship?

      Popspoken via Yahoo! Singapore NewsJun 29 03:09 AM

      This article is brought to you by LunchClick.Relationships come and go, and part of the success and failure of relationships is this: are you secure in your relationship? Let’s take a quiz to find out. Imagine a scenario: you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have just had an awful quarrel.It doesn’t really matter what it’s about. It could be the fact that you’re both busy lawyers and you hardly...

    5. Listen to Your Gut But Check Your Assumptions and the Data

      Entrepreneur via Yahoo! FinanceJun 29 03:30 PM

      Intuition that has been reality checked is a good basis for strategy.

    6. Let me make sure I have this right:

    7. Originally published on Unwritten by Caitlyn Blair . I'd like to challenge you to expand your imaginations for a moment, and let's travel in time back to the first grade. You awake at the crack of dawn, and your family is partaking in its usual hustle and bustle that coincides with regular morning chaos. You're starting at a new school, and never having been one of the more naturally outgoing ...

    8. By David Patrick Green | Posted June 29, 2015, 10 a.m. How much time do you need to prepare for an audition. When I started, I couldn’t remember one line. That’s right, not one single line. Anxiety made me a nervous wreck. Now I can learn 30 pages overnight if I have to.

    9. There is no place like home

      The NewsJun 29 01:24 PM

      In the past two months, I've been away from Pictou County quite a bit. In May, I spent the long weekend in my hometown of Montreal, visiting family and friends and attending my high school reunion. It's almost six years since I moved here from Montreal and the number one thing that shocked me ...

    10. Originally published on Unwritten by Mallory Arnold . If you know me like I imagine you one day will, you know that I'll start this letter off awkwardly. Um, hey. A future husband is like some mythical the Lochness Monster or Bigfoot. I know, I just compared you to Bigfoot - but I swear it gets better. Keep reading. Point being, when we were little, creatures like unicorns and ...

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