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    1. While hundreds of Albertans prepare to spend the last long weekend of the summer at the lake, some who live at Pigeon Lake say they want to leave because of the unsightly and downright smelly condition of the water.

    2. It may be fattening his already hefty wallet, but even Rory McIlroy has had enough of that incessant watch commercial that has golf fans considering boycotting Omega. NORTON, Mass. — Rory McIlroy, if it’s any consolation to those who run screaming from the house every time the ubiquitous spot airs during a golf telecast’s commercial break, has had enough of his irritating Omega watch ad. Though...

    3. Biden Again Expresses Uncertainty About 2016

      New York TimesSep 03 10:13 AM

      Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said he was unsure whether he had the “emotional energy” for a run, telling an audience, “I cant you look you straight in the eye and say now, ‘I know I can do it.’ ”

    4. When I was little, coming home from school, I always had three stars stamped on the back of my hand. At the time, I didn't know what it meant but it looked pretty so I didn't care. When my classmate finally told me one day that I got the stars because I excelled, I started to hate them. I always washed by hand before coming home, fearing that my mom or dad would see it. Being a messy kid and an...

    5. Bracketron JamSpot tablet stand review

      The GadgeteerSep 02 12:11 PM

      Aside from my smartphone, my tablet is the device I use most. I use it to watch movies, read books, listen to music, make purchases, etc.; hardly a day goes by when I don’t use my tablet. I often run into two problems when using my tablet. One, the volume isn’t always sufficient for me […]

    6. "Everything will be all right in the end, and if it's not all right... it's not yet the end." -- The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I spent so much of my life worrying about stuff that never happened. Worrying about getting fired, or about money, or if people liked me. And in one of those elegant paradoxes, when I did get fired, or I did get evicted, or I did get divorced, there was an odd sense of...

    7. The reaction now ought not to be, as it was as the story developed, to blame Harper and Canada for the deaths of the two boys

    8. Yvette Cooper believes it's not over 'til it's over. As the Labour leadership race enters its final week, can she pull off a surprise win? G ood luck! I wish I could vote for you!” Yvette Cooper is walking through a packed train to Newcastle and Geordie woman in her fifties grabs her hand to offer support. The Shadow Home Secretary, clutching her handbag and briefing notes for the final Labour ...

    9. The Real Heroes of Kilimanjaro

      The Huffington PostSep 04 07:54 AM

      Cover image courtesy of Josh John It's been a few months already, but I still often find myself reflecting on our (successful) Kilimanjaro climb - wondering what it all meant, what lessons I learnt, how the experience will impact on the rest of my life. So far, I don't really have any clear answers. Neither on reaching the summit for a perfectly clear dawn, nor at any time since, have I had some...

    10. Emily Ratajkowski possibly regrets starring in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video because she really cant stand that it’s all some people remember her by. read more

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