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    1. Joan Daws, 64, was heard screaming, 'help me, I can't breathe', after a chair she was standing behind snagged on the edge of the lift as it started to descend in Herne Bay, Kent.

    2. Dan Soder finally feels like a comic, which is probably a good thing because that's how he has made his living for more than a decade.

    3. None of it ..."can go on forever"!

      GoldSeek.comDec 01 11:16 AM

      Over the Thanksgiving weekend I received over 1,000 e-mails in total, many suggesting potential topics to talk about. We'll talk about several topics on the surface, each one obvious in their own right.

    4. Self-Care: Luxury or Lifestyle?

      The Huffington PostNov 30 10:24 AM

      Recently I have noticed the tightness in my stomach, the rounding of my shoulders and the tension headaches. All trigger points that something is bugging me, you know when it just goes round and round in your head and you can' t switch off. No matter how much you tell yourself to just forget about it, it keeps popping back in and reminding you about it. Sound familiar? That's been me for a little...

    5. I am reminded of what a school teacher of mine would quote extensively: "If Plan A doesn't work, there are 25 more letters waiting."

    6. Blog: Why should we stand up for National Anthem

      The Times of IndiaNov 30 02:27 AM

      Should I be writing this at all? I wonder. Will I be declared unpatriotic or an anti- national? Never mind. I will stand for what I’ve always stood for — the freedom of expression, of believing in the idea of India and yes, the national anthem.

    7. By The Numbers Week 15

      Rotoworld via Yahoo! SportsDec 01 06:50 AM

      Rob Allen sets off on his annual tour of the UK taking the Premier League with him.

    8. Although some younger actors might look down on panto, it has always been on my list of ambitions to take part in

    9. What it's like to be an American tourist in France now

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsNov 30 08:12 AM

      PARIS (AP) — For eight of the last 10 years, my husband and I have flown from New York to France for a five-day getaway in late November. Our plans were in place this year long before the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris, and we didn't really consider changing them.

      An American tourist travels to France _ despite ... - Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

    10. Hello there, it's me. You never knew, but you lifted me from the dark place I used to find comfort in. You never knew but slowly, you pulled me out of the shadows and brought me into the light. You taught me how to open my eyes to the sun without letting it blind me. Your hand pulled mine into the graveyard of my hopes and dreams, plowing seeds into its barren plains. And there, you grew ...

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