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    1. My gender presentation affects my ability to be gainfully employed and be physically secure. But my femininity comes at a cost I cant always afford I’ve worn these boots down to the heel base – the wooden part to which the soles are nailed. I should take them in to be re-soled, because every step I take on the mangled pavement whittles away another percentage point of the shoe repair guy’s ...

    2. MOST people who follow Australian rules football, and I dare say a few more who don’t, will remember an incident back on Anzac Day in 1995.

    3. Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi talk Vicious

    4. I appeared numerous times on the Letterman show when he was on NBC. But I can't say I knew David Letterman at all. With Dave, like Conan and Jay, the host and guest don't generally speak that much. The host has a show to do, after all.

    5. Imagine an outdoor Roomba that trundles around your yard, automatically killing the ticks that can give you Lyme disease. If you’re screaming “ I want one!” you aren’t alone. “Not a week goes by that I don’t have somebody asking me to purchase the tick rover, or test it in their yards,” said James Squire, who got an electrical engineering Ph.D. from MIT and teaches at the Virginia Military ...

    6. I'm a rule-keeper. I didn't get kicked out of high school once. But there was one night when I was on the run from the law. I...

    7. A fire with multiple explosions, "multiple vehicles, possibly tankers involved," is reported at Kistner Concrete Products, Inc., 8713 Read Road, Town of Pembroke. East Pembroke fire chief responding told dispatch " I can' t get close enough -- multiple explosions." East Pembroke Fire Department is responding along with mutual aid from Oakfield, Darien, Alexander and Town of Batavia. UPDATE 12:08 a...

    8. Dear Dr. Doug, I have three cats. One is an outdoor cat that comes in at night, eats, sleeps, then goes out during the day. I tried to leave it inside (I know you don’t like outdoor cats),... read more

    9. "Even though I married at 21, I think it’s alright to wait, especially in today’s dating world"

    10. So far, nearly 3,100 Rohingya and Bangladeshis have landed in three Southeast Asian countries, according to the International Organization for Migration. More than half of them wound up in Indonesia, Click to Continue »

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