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    1. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) Calvin Pace can't stand training camp.

    2. Last weekend, I finally got around to watching the finale of Wayward Pines , which was a double-edged sword. I loved the finale and thought it was a fantastic wrap-up to an excellent series, but it also meant that I was officially out of television to watch. At the moment, Iâm not catching...

    3. “[It’s like] third grade. How much does that matter to you right now?” the actor said of his breakthrough role

    4. On the road: Skoda Fabia – car review

      The GuardianJul 31 10:00 PM

      It didn’t set my world on fire. It probably thinks setting things on fire is irresponsible’ I can seriously see the point of the Skoda Fabia. I cant stand the convention that, as soon as you have a family, you have to start driving some lumbering bison of a car, destined to stick out in car parks and squeeze down urban roads. I would much rather drive something that looked like a hot hatch and...

    5. Little Liars

      The Huffington PostJul 30 07:58 AM

      I really can' t stand being lied to. It drives me bananas! But the truth is, kids do it all the time. I want to share a couple of my lying a-ha moments and strategies that have helped me think of it differently and have changed the way I'm now dealing with this behavior at home. First, it's confession time... I was chatting with a friend about nothing in particular and I totally lied to make ...

    6. The White House is mounting a vigorous push to convince liberals to back the Iran deal.

    7. Everyone in the Scandinavian country uses the term ‘snippa’ for girls’ genitals. But few know it was a feminist invention I only ever speak English to our three-year-old daughter, and my wife only speaks Swedish to her. The one exception is the word snippa . It’s Swedish for a girl’s genitals, the female equivalent of snopp , meaning “willy”, and I cant find an English word that does the job ...

    8. So are the Conservatives. It is only the electoral system that stops them both from splitting We were wrong, all of us. Tories, Labourites and those of us who monitor the political climate, we all thought that the major weather event of the first half of this parliament was going to be the split on the right. When David Cameron returned to Number 10, the tempest everyone prepared for was the ...

    9. She might have been knocked by her ex Mark Wright ­but former TOWIE star Lauren is hitting back... Lauren Goodger exclusive: I didn't text Mark Wright before his wedding to Michelle Keegan. I don't even have his number! Lauren Goodger has been drawn back into a row with her ex Mark Wright after he mentioned her again in …Continue reading » The post Humiliated and hitting back! Lauren Goodger: ‘ I...

    10. Congrats, Cassidy, on once again inspiring people on all the AMAZING things you do. You’re making a difference for many. This time, for a family who seems a little lost living half-a-world away!

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