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    1. Once, in tenth-grade English class, the teacher asked us to draw ourselves without using a mirror. I cant recall the reason given at the time, but in retrospect, it was an interesting little way to understand self-image. Which features do you choose to emphasize? How does the way you think ... More »

    2. IN this week's column, Tom Pope explains why a striker Vale fans love to hate got his vote in the League One team of the year...... WHICH player wound us up more than any other this season? Preston's Joe Garner. Which player did I vote for in the League One team of the season? Yep, Preston's Joe Garner. I know our fans can' t stand him, as they made very clear when he was winning free kicks ...

    3. Is Intel's Compute Stick a solution looking for a problem, or is this PC the size of a USB stick a solution to a problem you didn't you know you had? You know, like dude, I can' t stand my so-called smart TV's pathetic browser and horrible remote control interface. Or maybe you want something you can slip into your front pocket, just in case you need access to a computer. The latter is the ...

    4. I CONFESS: Money cant buy love

      Nation NewsApr 24 21:14 PM

      OVER A YEAR AGO I met a lovely young woman who was a final-year law student. I am 20 years older, but believe me, she is very mature, loving and caring for her age. I was divorced about ten years ago...

    5. I’ll reflect, just not yet

      The West Australian via Yahoo!7 NewsApr 24 21:54 PM

      Today is a special day — but with the greatest of respect, it is not because of a coaching milestone.

    6. Modern tribes: the internet cafe squatter

      The GuardianApr 24 22:00 PM

      ‘If cafes don’t want people coming in and using their Wi-Fi,they shouldn’t have free Wi-Fi, am I right? Plus, technically, it isn’t free – I bought a coffee yesterday’ The one with files on? No, sorry, that’s taken. And that one with the rucksack. Hey, careful – watch my laptop! And mind you don’t tread on my cable, it’s charging. Can you keep your salad away from the keyboard? I’m not keen to ...

    7. 'I'm shaking inside, it's so surreal' - Simon's reaction to incredible win after amazing judges

    8. Otherwise I might go 'full Clarkson' Something for the Weekend, Sir? "Never heard of them."…

    9. It's a bracing I-can't-feel-my-hands, there's-snow-on-my-neck, why-won't-my-car-heat-up-faster kind of cold that calls for heavy duty boots, long underwear and plates of comfort food.

    10. Most Popular

      DawnApr 25 1:06 AM

      The fingers type, but I don’t feel them moving. The ears sense a commotion, but I cannot hear. The eyes fight back tears, but it’s futile to resist.

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