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    1. ‘The sign means happiness. You close your eyes, walk towards it, and try to touch the centre. I cant explain the handbag’ This photo is an enigma. Even I cant say for sure what’s happening. I didn’t know what I had taken at the time. It was only afterwards, when I developed the film, that I saw the handbag. It was April 1984 and I was on assignment in China , which was just opening up to ...

    2. Despite some other major events going on, Colin Dunlap can't stop thinking about the Steelers-Bengals rivalry.

    3. Watch out, Donald — irreverent 'pap shot' artist Alison Jackson is on the prowl for her next target, and she's got the Republican in her sights

    4. A TV reporter was told by one viewer that his ‘gayness’ on screen was a problem. Well, guess what: we’re no longer going to try to pass as straight for your benefit Arkansas TV reporter Mitchell McCoy recently got an email that he wanted to share with the world. “I’ve been holding back for months but I cant stand your gayness,” a viewer complained. “Our children should not be watching people ...

    5. “How can he behave with such brutality?” she asked in court. “A woman three times his age.”

    6. Bordeaux is wine capital of the world . You name a reasonable rival and we might discuss it, but I cant think of one. Naturally, the river city offers more than wine. The 18th and 19th-century elegance of the monumental centre articulates a faith in the rightness of colonial riches.

    7. Arkansas journalist Mitchell McCoy responds to a viewer who emailed him, "I can't stand your gayness."

    8. Sammy Yatim’s mother says she cant forgive or forget that her son was gunned down by a Toronto Police officer.

    9. Dear Lifehacker, I’m looking for a pair of Bluetooth earphones (I cant stand buds), specifically for running. Do you have any recommendations? What should I be looking for when purchasing a pair? And is it possible to buy a pair that are reliable and don’t cost the earth? More »          

    10. So I was going through my blog contacts yesterday and came across one of the best contacts ever. I cant say the best because it’s hard to speak comparatively about the many moving exchanges I’ve had with readers.

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