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    1. Iskra Lawrence, 25, from Worcestershire, urged her followers not to feel insecure about the images they see online. She shared two pictures, one posed without a thigh gap and the other with.

    2. I've been wondering lately how long, given that by the end of the month both my children will be teenagers, how long I've got left to be celebrating Mother's Day. I know deep down I'll always be their mother. Until the day I die in fact.

    3. Why you should be more selfish at work

      Business InsiderMay 06 09:15 AM

      Shutterstock The word "selfish" has a bad rap. I get it. Being "concerned chiefly or only with yourself" seems like kind of a jerky thing to do, but is that always the case? I don't think so. The " Screw you, suckers! " variety of selfishness deserves it's critics, but what about the kind of selfishness that simply means you're taking care of yourself ? I dove into this with a client the other ...

    4. Worried about getting old? Feel like your best years are behind you? You're probably not alone in a county where most of us are in our 40s, 50s and 60s.

    5. Whatever made me do it I'll never know, but for Christmas last year I bought Natalie the book, 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.' It could have been because it's a 'timeless international bestseller,' or because I'm just one of those sensitive kind of guys who's in tune with that sort of thing--but the real reason is that it was on her Christmas list and cost a whole lot less than the ...

    6. Mother's Day is upon us. And the moments that stick out in my mind from this past year that make me feel accomplished as a parent are not the ones I would ever have predicted.

    7. After several years of investor activism and blunt public statements about the value of the company, Carl Icahn has sold all his Apple stock. We explain why he did -- and why you may (or may not) want to follow him.

    8. Happy birthday to you, Adele! The British songbird turns 28 today, and to celebrate the anniversary of her arrival in this world, we've compiled a list of her lyrics that have given...

    9. Barry Avrich directed a documentary on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (pictured) in 2011 titled Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project.

      A Week in the Life of Philip Rosenthal - The Wall Street Journal

    10. Earthquakes forward Chad Barrett has yet to see the playing field this season since becoming San Jose's first-ever free agent signing due to a lingering groin injury, but you wouldn't know that by his spirits.

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