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    1. Coloring to focus, singing if you show up late, paying $5 if you run long: These companies have creative ways to make meetings less painful. It's no secret a lot of us hate meetings. According to the National Statistics Council, 37% of employee time is spent in meetings, and 47% of employees consider too many meetings to be the biggest waste of time during the day–-more than social media or ...

    2. This makes you ugly?

      Fox NewsJul 27 02:21 AM

      You don't have to be a rocket scientist–or even a dietitian–to know that binging on junk food is bad for your body . But sometimes the call of a greasy burger and fries is stronger than your nutrition knowledge. You say to yourself, "It's just one little burger. I'll eat a healthy dinner.

    3. 10 Breakfast Ideas to Make You Foodgasm

      The Huffington PostJul 27 03:27 PM

      Breakfast is not something anyone should skip, so why not make it luscious? From superfood smoothies to breakfast bowls , I've got a few mouthwatering ideas to get you in the mood. As The Sensual Foodie, making food sexy is my specialty. No more boring egg and stale toast breakfasts. You can forget about those slapdash bowls of cereal, say goodbye to gloppy oatmeal and take-out window fast food...

    4. I'm Too Old, I Can't Do That. Or Can I?

      The Huffington PostJul 10 10:03 AM

      When was the last time you used an internal lie to keep you from doing something you were scared of? Internal lies almost always start with "I'm too..." and help set the stage for your big excuse. "I'm too tired after working all week -- I' ll take dance lessons next year." "I'm too cold -- skiing down that mountain might make me sick." "I'm too broke -- I can't afford to take that class." Yes ...

    5. What's life like when you feel neither male nor female?

    6. 7 Things Successful People DON'T Do

      The Huffington PostJul 28 08:16 AM

      How often in the past week or two have you found yourself wishing you had more time? More friends? More money? More self-esteem? We all do it... comparing ourselves to others, or just simply comparing ourselves to our own unrealistic ideals! So what is it about these people we are comparing ourselves to? The people we see as "successful"? I' ll bet you can spot the following traits in nearly all...

    7. By: Amy Scerra In my former life, I traveled the globe with some of the most influential, successful and inspirational business leaders in the world. I don't typically name names, but this time, I' ll make an exception. When I moved from Miami to Scottsdale in 2008, I had the immense pleasure of working for the insurance provider for the US Military, TriWest / TriCare. The founder and CEO, David...

    8. How to make sure you can always afford the expenses everyone forgets about

      Business Insider via Yahoo! FinanceJul 27 08:09 AM

      It's happened to all of us — we feel on-track with our spending for the month, and all of a...

    9. The fictional version of me (the one who exists only in my head) is gloriously graceful. She's sweet all the time, dressed to perfection, and checks each task off her to-do list every day without so much as smudging her makeup. The real-life version of me is not quite so well put together. I lose my patience sometimes, my hair never comes out quite right, I hate wearing heels, and I leave dishes...

    10. Six reasons to speak to your pharmacist

      Belfast NewsletterJul 01 11:03 PM

      Have you ever thought, ‘Ill speak to the pharmacist about this’? Maybe when you’re under the weather but not quite poorly enough to make an emergency GP appointment or rush to A&E, or when you’re unsure about a new prescription and possible side-effects, or even just for general advice on, say, managing high blood pressure.

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