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    1. Breastfeeding and work: Let's make it work!

      The Huffington PostAug 03 09:39 AM

      As a young doctor working with refugees in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq I attended births and delivered babies. Access to many of the basic tools, equipment and medicines needed to ensure the newborns are delivered safely and survive their first day - the most dangerous day in life - was just a dream. Even in these precarious situations, most babies did have access to the single most important...

    2. Notwithstanding opposition from many Parliament members on the contentious "no- work, no-pay" proposal, the BJP has asked the opposition parties to do their part to dispell the image of the House as a chaotic place where no substantive work is done. "Its better to let the Parliament function so that those questions are not raised; so that no- work-no-pay issues won't come. Otherwise, people would...

    3. Going to work for a startup? Let's talk equity

      TechRepublic via Yahoo! NewsJul 27 05:00 AM

      Equity is one of the most important aspects of working for a startup, but it's often confusing. Here's what you need to know about equity before joining a startup.

    4. Let's Not Settle for Good But Aspire to Great Work

      The Huffington PostJul 29 06:17 PM

      National Grid, Warwick, UK (photo Hufton and Crow) We seem to have adjusted our performance metrics so that good means great, which surely is just not good enough! Healthy, committed and inspired people help businesses perform better, so how wonderful would it be if we aspired to be in optimum health and do great work as the norm? If we are not ill we believe we are actually in good health and ...

    5. If You Work From Home (or Aspire to) You Must Read This

      The New York ObserverAug 04 09:03 AM

      If you’re not excited about the prospects of our mobile and global economy, you’re missing out on a unique opportunity in our world’s history.

    6. Celebrating breastfeeding in the workplace World Breastfeeding Week takes place every year in the first week of August. This year’s theme is “Breastfeeding and worklets make it work!” The campaign aims to empower and support working ...

    7. We humans have an abortion problem. The morality of abortion is unresolvable because the miracle of life doesn't apply to just the one in the womb, it extends to all life. In other words, if the crux of the issue is preserving the sanctity of life, that must include protecting the lives of those already here. More on that in a moment . . . The challenge with morality itself is how we define it ...

    8. World Breastfeeding Week: A Reason For The Mothers To Celebrate

      International Business TimesAug 04 11:41 AM

      This week marks World Breastfeeding Week around the world with the theme “Women and work -- Lets make it work.” The theme emphasizes the need to develop policies and practices to facilitate a smooth workplace culture for nursing mothers, providing them the opportunity to breastfeed their babies while they are at work.

    9. - Lets work together to bring justice and beauty of unity to reality, not just behind the four-edged glass screen and for the The post What kind of Malaysia awaits the next generation? appeared first on Aliran .

    10. by Jillian Kramer, BRIDES Robert Mitra/Courtesy of CNP Montrose Scheduling sex isn't necessarily sexy. But let' s get real: If you didn't find creative ways to slate sex into a schedule packed with overtime work hours, girls' nights out, and your kids soccer games, you might never get it on. Here, five married couples reveal how they sneak sex onto their packed to-do lists -- so you can steal ...

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