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    1. From the celebrated madeleine crumbled into a cup of tea that brings back lost memories of childhood, to the narrator--only once referred to as Marcel, sign of his identity with the author--in a rage crushing Baron Charlus' hat as Charlus replaces it calmly with one of many more ... and tells Marcel how much he cares for him, to the idea coming to Marcel of the book he wants to write--the same ...

    2. People answer the Marcel Proust personality questionnaire on behalf of their pet.

    3. Diana Nyad: By the Book

      New York TimesOct 08 01:28 PM

      The long-distance swimmer and author of the memoir “Find a Way” hid her love of German literature from her mother, who lived through the Nazi occupation of France: “She threatened to never talk to me again.”

    4. Top 10: stylish Paris hotels

      Daily TelegraphSep 30 06:58 AM

      As Paris Fashion Week gets under way, we round up the top hotels for designer looks

    5. Euan Cameron

      Book ReporterSep 24 11:51 PM

      Euan Cameron is an editor and translator. As well as Paul Morand's VENICES and THE ALLURE OF CHANEL for Pushkin Press, his many translations from French include biographies of Marcel Proust and Irène Némirovsky.

    6. Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku ’s reader-run community: TAY Reviews: Galak-Z , Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop? • Board Game Night: Battlestar Galactica (TBG) • Marcel Proust vs Final Fantasy VII • Kuroneko Review: One Punch Man Ep. 1 • Crappy Construction Sims - A Deviant Discovers His Fetish Read more...

    7. Paris Journal: Paris Looks to Depose Keepers of a Different Throne

      International Herald TribuneSep 28 04:03 PM

      The female attendants who historically cleaned the city’s free toilets may be relegated to the past by a company promising an elegant bathroom experience, at a price.

    8. What Does it Mean to Be a 'Prolific' Writer?

      The Huffington PostOct 09 01:04 PM

      There has been an odd public discussion recently about writers, specifically novelists, who are too prolific, as if such abundance was a quality that diminished the nature and substance of the author's output. In a column written by Stephen King, the very essence of the meaning of prolific, he points out that his mind is always bursting with ideas, characters and situations that motivate his ...

    9. Posted Oct. 07, 2015, at 9:04 a.m. Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, known for her experimental films that closely examined women’s lives, has died in Paris. She was 65.

    10. French Writer Patrick Modiano Builds a Global Following

      The Wall Street JournalSep 15 09:22 AM

      Almost a year since winning the Nobel Prize, French writer Patrick Modiano is finding a wider readership. An English translation of his memoir ‘Pedigree,’ came out in August and a translation of his latest novel is on the way.

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