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    1. Fantasy writer disappears down his own wormhole.

    2. Michael Moorcock revolutionised science fiction with symbolism, sex and psychoactive drugs. Now, at 75, he has invented another genre.

    3. A mashup of fiction and memoir recounts how Moorcock was torn between his suburban life and Alsacia, an inner-city realm which exists outside time and space Michael Moorcock never saw a boundary he didn’t want to cross, blur or dispense with altogether. So it stands to reason that, having played around with notions of time, space and genre, he should do the same with reality and fiction. The ...

    4. How high a risk of premature death in any given activity — weighed against the good — is acceptable to a society? It strikes me more and more that public innumeracy — in which the media is complicit, “Statistically Insignificant Workplace Accident Claims Life” being less grabby than “Staplers: The Lurking Menace” — is perhaps the greatest distorting factor in our discourse. In economics, as much...

    5. Comic-Con started as an intimate gathering in the basement of San Diego's U.S. Grant Hotel in 1970. Since then, it has become an important showcase for Hollywood film and TV projects looking to gain buzz. Below is a year-by-year look at the convention's key moments, estimated attendance and more,...

    6. We can’t stop craving eternity.

      The New StatesmanJul 30 11:46 AM

      We can’t stop craving eternity.

    7. It’s brought chaos to kitchen tables for over 30 years. With new update Age of Sigmar on the way, here’s what you need to know about the fantasy wargame If you’re remotely interested in strategy gaming, you’ve probably heard of Warhammer. In its 32-year history the tabletop game of fantasy battles has provided a gateway into gaming for generations of players, and it remains one of the most ...

    8. How Labour went mad for Jeremy Corbyn

      The New StatesmanJul 22 06:01 AM

      A first look at this week's issue.

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