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    1. Julie Burchill worshipped hers. Leonard Cohen’s son Adam finds his hilarious. In an extract from a new book, My Old Man, they share stories of their unique father-child relationships, alongside Dorian Lynskey and Cornershop’s Tjinder Singh I devised My Old Man to pose a simple question: if you were asked to write about your father, what would you say? There was no other brief for the project ...

    2. Smallfolk need not apply—our faith in a Republic is so low that in fiction, we almost always rule by iron and blood

    3. One December morning, the body of a man in his 70s was found on this craggy outcrop in the south Pennines. Who was he, and did he come here to die? On a desk in Oldham police station is a grey box file. Written on its lid is “John Doe”, beneath a photo of a grey track winding up a rocky moorland valley. I know the track quite well. It’s on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester, and takes you ...

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