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    1. On anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini’s death, former Mossad agent Yossi Alpher explains Israel’s continuing concerns over Iran and its ‘secret’ relations with Saudi Arabia Twenty-three years after he left the Mossad, Israel’s external intelligence arm, one memory sometimes wakes Yossi Alpher at four in the morning. What if Mossad had agreed to a request in early 1979 to kill Ayatollah Ruhollah ...

    2. Who's behind the mocking 'Mossad Stole My Shoe' slogan?

    3. ALSO IN News

      Al BawabaJun 14 04:00 AM

      If the shoe fits! Man accuses Mossad of stealing his footwear in latest conspiracy theory

    4. While Israel’s secret service, AKA Mossad, are often blamed for putting a spanner in the works of their enemies, the latest allegation against them borders on the absurd. A British Muslim activist, Asghar Bukhari, who founded the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, is claiming a “Zionist plot” against him in the form of a stolen British Muslim Activist Claims Israeli Secret Service Stole His ...

    5. A new criminal charge sweeping social media has become a source of entertainment and ridicule rather than outrage.

    6. Mossad Begins Diplomatic Ops

      Middle East NewslineJun 22 05:10 AM

      JERUSALEM [MENL] -- Israel's foreign espionage agency has entered the world of diplomacy. Copyrights 2008, Middle East Newsline. All rights reserved.

    7. Asghar Bukhari warns 'Mossad shoe-stealer' is on the loose

      IB Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsJun 13 12:07 PM

      Asghar Bukhari, the founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACK UK) unwittingly sent Twitter into a meltdown, after he posted a public rant in which he appeared to claim that Zionists attempted to intimidate and threaten him by breaking into his home and ... stealing one of his shoes. Indeed they did, as the news that the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, better known as...

    8. Graphic and professionally edited footage filmed in Sinai province shows a bearded man wearing an orange jump suit being shot in the back of the head by a masked ISIS militant.

    9. National Public Radio’s junk journalist

      New York PostJun 11 07:06 PM

      Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s socialist senator and Democratic presidential candidate, may be a lot of things — but is he also a mole on Capitol Hill for the Israeli Mossad? That’s...

    10. Israel Seeks New Mossad Chief

      Middle East NewslineJun 08 09:55 PM

      TEL AVIV [MENL] -- Israel has begun the search for a new chief of its foreign espionage agency. Copyrights 2008, Middle East Newsline. All rights reserved.

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