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    1. The alleged discovery of a Nazi "gold train" in western Poland has perked up the ears of treasure-hunters to such a degree that the government felt the need Thursday to warn them it could be booby-trapped. Local media have for days been abuzz with old lore of trains full of gold and jewels stolen by the German Nazis after two men -- a German and a Pole -- claimed to have found an armoured train...

    2. 11 photos: Nazi war criminals: Justice done? Former Nazi officer Oskar Groening , known as "the bookkeeper of Auschwitz," was sentenced this week to four years in prison.

    3. Polish authorities 'convinced' of existence of Nazi gold train

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsAug 27 07:11 AM

      Polish officials searching for a lost Nazi gold train may have found the vehicle but its contents are as yet unknown. The announcement comes after two men approached Polish authorities claiming to have found the train in the Owl Mountains near the city of Walbrzych, and demanded a 10 per cent cut to reveal its whereabouts. Pawel Zuchowski, a vice minister in Poland's culture ministry told ...

    4. Curt Schilling is an avid collector of World War II memorabilia -- and his collection includes numerous Nazi uniforms with swastikas.

    5. New probe into Nazi 'gold train'

      CNN.comAug 27 09:24 AM

      The evidence behind a claim by treasure hunters in Poland to have found a legendary Nazi train packed with gold is strong enough that the government has been asked to investigate, local officials said.

    6. A military train of historical significance has been found in southwestern Poland.

    7. The Polish government has launched an investigation into the existence of a Nazi treasure train, with a leading cultural official admitting on Thursday he thinks the trove is real. Two men recently claimed they found the train, which has been missing for 70 years. However, Piotr Zuchowski, the Deputy Culture Minister in Warsaw, warned treasure hunters to not look for the "so-called 'gold train ...

    8. How to define Nazi-era "loot" is central to what could prove a touchy book launched on Tuesday on the controversy surrounding one of Europe's most prestigious private art collections, the impressionist works acquired by E.G. Buehrle. The late industrialist amassed a fortune selling weapons to both the Nazis and the Allies during World War II, wealth that helped buy several hundred artworks ...

    9. Nazi 'gold train' found?

      CNNAug 27 03:31 PM

      News of the two treasure hunters' supposed discovery in a sealed tunnel in Poland's mountainous southwestern Walbrzych district made headlines last week.

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