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    1. Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments?

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsOct 06 01:41 AM

      During World War II, Nazi doctors had unfettered access to human beings they could use in medical experiments in any way they chose. In one way, these experiments were just another form of mass torture and murder so our moral judgement of them is clear. If scientific data is too poor to use, it's because of poor study design and analysis, not because of the bad moral character of the scientist.

    2. Suspense mounts over fabled Nazi gold train

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsOct 02 12:04 PM

      The army was tight-lipped, saying only that after completing the tests it had handed over a "safe parcel of land" to Walbrzych municipal authorities. "The army's job is done as we're not in the business of treasure hunting," Poland's Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak said, quoted by the Polish PAP news agency. Both military and municipal authorities refused to divulge whether they had found any...

    3. A former coal mining city is enjoying an unlikely tourism boom, NBC News reports.

    4. A huge Nazi flag on the facade of a building has caused dismay in the southern French city of Nice, with some residents apparently unaware it was a prop for a World War II film. Complete with vehicles with Nazi insignia, the set was for an adaptation of Joseph Joffo's book, "A Bag of Marbles", about two young boys on the run in Nazi-occupied France. "It is distressing, it sends shivers down your...

    5. Neo-Nazi plans to build nationalist 'white enclave' for Pioneer Little Europe movement in Nebraska

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsOct 04 04:25 AM

      Craig Cobb, a prominent north American neo- Nazi, has reportedly bought properties in Nebraska at a sheriff's sale to build white nationalist communities. The 64-year-old is said to have purchased land in Red Cloud for $25 (£16.50) and $100 (£66) as well as another property for $3,410 (£2,247) in September. Cobb said in an interview that he plans to sell the property at deep discounts to young ...

    6. Surviving eight Nazi death camps

      BBC NewsOct 04 04:16 PM

      The man who survived eight Nazi concentration camps

    7. Son of Saul, set in a Nazi death camp in 1944, won the Grand Prix at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Director László Nemes and star Géza Röhrig discuss the film with Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

    8. A town in Poland is enjoying an unlikely tourism boom as authorities there hunt a buried Nazi-era train carrying guns and looted gold.

    9. A leading Greek neo- Nazi parliamentarian "approved" the murder of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013, the victim's mother told a court on Friday. Magda Fyssas said Yiannis Lagos, an MP for greater Piraeus at the time of the murder, had given party henchmen the go-ahead to stab her son. "Nothing would have been done without approval from Lagos, there is no chance," she told the court.

    10. Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag . Today, we’re covering food walls, flagpoles, cold whiskey, boar orgasms, and more. Read more...

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