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    1. Neal Stephenson is amazing at beginnings and not so hot at endings, and his new novel, "Seveneves," has a marvelous opening sentence: "The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason." The reigning monarch of geek novelists since his 1992 cyberpunk sci-fi landmark, "Snow Crash," Stephenson...

    2. The books Washington has been reading.

    3. Neal Stephenson's new epic starts big and gets bigger. Critic Jason Sheehan says that while the book can bog down in details, if the world really were ending, you'd want Stephenson by your side.

    4. In Seveneves , Neal Stephenson tells a story of nations banding together when a catastrophic event turns Earth into a ticking time bomb. It debuts at No. 3.

    5. Neal Stephenson knows how to go big. “Seveneves,” the science fiction author's latest novel, spends nearly 900 pages telling an epic story about humanity's quest for survival after an explosion on the moon incinerates Earth. That plot might sound, well, insane, but what's truly disturbing about the book is just how much the technology in Stephenson's world resembles the technology in our own.

    6. Famed scifi author Neal Stephenson’s new novel Seveneves is out today, and one of the most exciting things about it is that it’s packed with realistic representations of space megastructures where humans live. We talked to Stephenson about his ideas, and have some exclusive art from Weta showing what they look like. Read more...

    7. In his post-apocalyptic novel “Seveneves,” Seattle author Neal Stephenson imagines the end of life as we know it and the return of humanity to the planet, thousands of years later. Stephenson appears May 18 at Seattle’s First Baptist Church.

    8. Neal Stephenson, author of the acclaimed novels Snow Crash , Cryptonomicon , and Anathem , is here to talk about his latest, Seveneves , and chat with us about his visions of the future . Read more...

    9. In the SF master's new post-post-apocalyptic epic, humanity is reduced to eight women after the moon explodes

    10. The following excerpt is chapter one from Neal Stephenson’s new novel, Seveneves . Stephenson is also the author of the novels Snow Crash , Cryptonomicon , and Anathem . Read more...

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